Honoring Our Front-Line Heroes

This fall, the Scottish Rite, NMJ is honoring our first responders. Our Brothers who serve and save others truly exemplify our core value of Service to Humanity. From the September 11 attacks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, first responders have always been the front-line heroes of our communities. Each week, we’ll be sharing their stories and celebrating their service.

Meet Brother Timothy Curry, 32°: Firefighter and Emergency Medical Responder

Discover more stories like Timothy’s when you request a member of our First Responders Speakers Bureau to present at one of your Masonic events.

Today, we’re sharing the story of Brother Timothy Curry, 32°, from the Valley of Cambridge.

Brother Curry is a third-generation volunteer firefighter, working under the same department his father and grandfather once served.

A firefighter stands outside at the scene of a fire
Brother Curry attending to his volunteer firefighter duties

Curry, like many of the men he works with, grew up around the fire station. His family’s influence motivated him to pursue a certification as an Emergency Medical Responder and continue to give back to his community. He enjoys the brotherhood that comes from belonging to a long lineage of firemen, and from working together for the greater good.

A fire department stands outside a historic monument
Brother Curry and his fellow comrades

“As firefighters, we go through thick and thin together. The reason each of us continues to do this work is to better serve the community in which we live. Community in small town, USA is everything. Each person does their part to keep the community vibrant through the use of their own talents. Outside of the Masonic fraternities, these brothers are always there to celebrate the wins with you, as well as mourn the losses.” Curry said.

When he’s not putting out fires or attending to citizens in crisis, Brother Curry likes to contribute to his community by donating his time. He works vigorously to prepare his body for extreme activity and fundraising challenges, such as climbing 110 stories or running half marathons - all while carrying gear in uniform.

A firefighter posing in full uniform
Brother Curry after completing the 110 stories climb for charity

“I not only have the privilege to serve in the department, but I also have the privilege of honoring the brave men and women who have risked their lives for their country and community through this work. Many of us across the nation do not do it for the pay, we do it because of the passion, the honor, and the heritage that has been laid out by those that have gone before us.” reflected Brother Curry.

For your continued contributions to our country and communities, we humbly thank you, Brother Curry.

First Responders Speakers Bureau

We have many first responders among our Scottish Rite brethren. Learn more about these brave men of courage and service in our series of profiles we will feature this fall. In fact, a First Responders Speakers Bureau has been established, and our Brothers profiled here are just a few who are available by request to present at your local event.

Visit the Leadership Resource Center where you can download the Speakers Bureau Directory which lists the available speakers in your state.