Honoring Our Front-Line Heroes

This fall, the Scottish Rite, NMJ is honoring our first responders. Our Brothers who serve and save others truly exemplify our core value of Service to Humanity. From the September 11 attacks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, first responders have always been the front-line heroes of our communities. Each week, we’ll be sharing their stories and celebrating their service.

Meet Brother Christopher Gamblin, 32°: Fire Captain

Discover more stories like Christopher’s when you request a member of our First Responders Speakers Bureau to present at one of your Masonic events.

Today, we’re sharing the story of Brother Christopher Gamblin, 32°, of the Valley of South Bend.

Brother Gamblin has been working for his local fire department for several years and currently holds the rank of Captain. In his line of work, he responds to both everyday mishaps and larger tragedies. He credits his training and the efficiencies modern technology provides for his team’s safety during the many serious scenarios he works under.

“Three years ago I led my engine company out of a flashover type of event that would have cost us our lives had we not been on high alert and using our thermal imagers.”

A Firefighter standing in front of a fire truck
Brother Gamblin standing in front of a fire truck

In addition to serving as Fire Captain, he also is a member of the Mass Casualty Team and a Region Adviser for the County Haz-Mat Response Team.

Being a first responder in the midst of a global pandemic has taken a toll on many, he says, and he admires the bravery and selflessness of his peers during this difficult time.

“The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone. First responders, some of whom are volunteers, always keep the safety and continued well-being of the public in the forefront of their minds - regardless of the cost to their personal health.”

Outside of the fire station, Brother Gamblin is a committed Mason and musician, often performing for Masonic bodies around the state as the Grand Organist.

Thank you for all you do, Brother Gamblin!

First Responders Speakers Bureau

We have many first responders among our Scottish Rite brethren. Learn more about these brave men of courage and service in our series of profiles we will feature this fall. In fact, a First Responders Speakers Bureau has been established, and our Brothers profiled here are just a few who are available by request to present at your local event.

Visit the Leadership Resource Center where you can download the Speakers Bureau Directory which lists the available speakers in your state.