Honoring Our Front-Line Heroes

This fall, the Scottish Rite, NMJ is honoring our first responders. Our Brothers who serve and save others truly exemplify our core value of Service to Humanity. From the September 11 attacks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, first responders have always been the front-line heroes of our communities. Each week, we’ll be sharing their stories and celebrating their service.

Meet Brother Adam Holcombe, 32°: Sheriff’s Auxiliary Deputy and Special Education Teacher

Discover more stories like Adam’s when you request a member of our First Responders Speakers Bureau to present at one of your Masonic events.

Brother Adam Holcombe, 32°, longed to be of service from a young age. As a teenager, he learned the value of Service to Humanity as a member of the International Order of Demolay before joining Gibsonburg Lodge #575 in Gibsonburg, Ohio in 2017. Today, he is a 32° Scottish Rite Mason at the Valley of Toledo.

Even prior to joining Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite, he was keen to the idea of a career in public service. “I started my public service at the age of 16 as an Explorer with Ottawa Hills Police Department in Ottawa Hills, Ohio. If you are not familiar with the Explorers program, it is a program run by the Boy Scouts of America that places a young person in a career role that shadows those already serving in the position. I had a great mentor and Brother, James Knallay of Pemberville Lodge #516. He took several of us into the program and gave us the guidance to become public servants, serving the community in law enforcement roles,” said Brother Holcombe.

The Explorers program and affiliation with DeMolay set him up to succeed at the Police Academy in Toledo, Ohio where he became one of the youngest officers to obtain their certification. During his tenure, he also served as a volunteer firefighter and 911 operator and dispatcher. His role in the community is spread far and wide, “since that time I have served in small villages, whole counties and the City of Toledo.”

Deputy and special education teacher Adam Holcombe in uniform
Brother Holcombe in uniform

While he has retired from his career as a firefighter and full-time police officer, Brother Holcombe has yet to complete his impact in the community. Today, he acts as an Auxiliary Deputy to the Wood County Sheriff in Toledo, Ohio while also helping to shape and protect our most precious community members: children. In addition to his role as an Auxiliary Deputy, Brother Holcombe is a special education teacher at a local public school.

“I have been in the Masonic fraternity since 2017 and have learned more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve met great men from Masonic lodges and other appendant bodies, and women from connections of the Order of the Eastern Star on my journey,” said Brother Holcombe reflecting on his devotion to uplifting and protecting his community.

We humbly thank Brother Holcombe for his continued service and commitment to his community.

First Responders Speakers Bureau

We have many first responders among our Scottish Rite brethren. Learn more about these brave men of courage and service in our series of profiles we will feature this fall. In fact, a First Responders Speakers Bureau has been established, and our Brothers profiled here are just a few who are available by request to present at your local event.

Visit the Leadership Resource Center where you can download the Speakers Bureau Directory which lists the available speakers in your state.