Honoring Our Front-Line Heroes

This fall, the Scottish Rite, NMJ is honoring our first responders. Our Brothers who serve and save others truly exemplify our core value of Service to Humanity. From the September 11 attacks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, first responders have always been the front-line heroes of our communities. Each week, we’ll be sharing their stories and celebrating their service.

Meet Brother Jacob Schultz, 32°: Flight Paramedic and ER Nurse

Discover more stories like Jacob’s when you request a member of our First Responders Speakers Bureau to present at one of your Masonic events.

Today, we’re sharing the story of Brother Jacob Schultz, 32​​°, from the Valley of La Crosse.

Brother Schultz wears many first responder hats. For eight years, he served as an emergency flight paramedic, attending to those in the most urgent of circumstances. Prior to working in the challenging care environment of a helicopter, he worked as an EMS for 15 years.

A Medflight helicopter flies over an emergency department
A Medflight helicopter flies over an emergency department

“In my career I have taken care of others during their time of critical need,” said Brother Schultz. “If there is one thing I can take away from my years of experience, it is knowing that someone who was in need of helicopter medical care was treated well by me and other members of my flight team. We truly lift people up in a time of need.”

Flight paramedic colleagues stand outside of an emergency medical helicopter
Brother Schultz (left) stands besides colleague outside of an emergency medical helicopter

In addition, Brother Schultz will often take on shifts at a local hospital working as an emergency room nurse. A role that’s garnered the well-deserved respect and thanks in the last year, Brother Schultz said:

“COVID-19 has really upended our year. It changed how we operate in our clinical environment and challenged us mentally. As a frontline worker taking care of the sickest of the sick COVID-19 patients, it was rewarding, mentally challenging, and sometimes emotionally draining. But, looking back, I'd do it all over again if needed.”

A flight paramedic poses in his uniform
Brother Schultz in uniform

When he’s not saving lives, Brother Schultz speaks at various Masonic functions around the jurisdiction. He also serves as an adjunct faculty member for an EMS training program at a local technical school where he has taught for 10 years.

Thank you, Brother Schultz for showing men everywhere what it means to live a life of integrity, abiding by our Scottish Rite core values.

First Responders Speakers Bureau

We have many first responders among our Scottish Rite brethren. Learn more about these brave men of courage and service in our series of profiles we will feature this fall. In fact, a First Responders Speakers Bureau has been established, and our Brothers profiled here are just a few who are available by request to present at your local event.

Visit the Leadership Resource Center where you can download the Speakers Bureau Directory which lists the available speakers in your state.