The Scottish Rite’s first ever Virtual Reunion on October 3 was a roaring success! More than 1,100 Brothers participated from across the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, welcoming new members and connecting with old friends in the online event. The Virtual Reunion featured the 4° and three other Scottish Rite degrees, interactive sessions with members and Scottish Rite leadership. The one-of-a-kind presentation went beyond simply broadcasting degrees. It was chance to share in a unique Masonic experience with brethren from across our 15-state jurisdiction.

Said Sovereign Grand Commander David A. Glattly, “The pandemic has reshaped the world as we know it – including our fraternal world. Many of our Valleys have postponed beloved Reunions until further notice. Our outstanding staff at the NMJ developed the idea of a Virtual Reunion to not only welcome new members into the Scottish Rite, but to revive the fraternal connection between Brothers we have all missed so dearly."

"The feedback we have received from new and current members alike tell us the Virtual Reunion meant a great deal to the brethren just as we hoped," he said.

Here is a sampling of new member comments:

Could this have been presented any better? I think not.
Bro. Sisson

The Virtual Reunion was absolutely brilliant! I feel privileged, honored, proud and grateful to be a member of this generous and outstanding fraternity and the NMJ.
Bro. Lewis

It took a worldwide pandemic to propel us full speed into the digital era. A challenge that the NMJ turned into an opportunity. Huge kudos for masterfully putting together this new experience that allows us to enjoy and make progress through the various degrees.
Bro. Bruno

International Guests React

While the Virtual Reunion is a different experience than Scottish Rite Masons are used to, it remained true to the values of an in-person Scottish Rite event: To inspire, educate, and connect. And that translated across international time zones and borders.

By special invitation from Commander Glattly, guests from international Supreme Councils participated in the Reunion. Here is some of what our Brethren beyond our borders had to say:

Words are useless to express my feelings. I had goosebumps during the entire virtual reunion and tears of joy in my eyes. What you gave me the opportunity to witness today, is Freemasonry in the purest form, and Masonic ritual at it’s most efficient stage. Nothing was missing even if the form changed, the substance was all well there. Not one second did I feel alone in this journey.
Bro. Mircea|
A.A.S.R. Switzerland

Congratulations on an excellent presentation of the Virtual Reunion. New members received a first-class introduction to Scottish Rite in a convenient setting. I won’t miss the next one!
Bro. Terry Mclean
Former Sovereign Grand Commander
Grand Secretary General
Supreme Council Canada

“The magic of Scottish Rite Reunions is, and always has been, the brotherhood that ignites when we gather in fraternity and friendship,” said Commander Glattly. “The Virtual Reunion proved meaningful and memorable, and we are proud to offer the experience to our brethren in these trying times.”

Click here to learn more about our Virtual Reunions. Upcoming events will be held on October 24 and November 14.

Do you know a Master Mason you think would make a good Scottish Rite Freemason? Share this link and encourage them to apply to join our esteemed brotherhood so they may join us for our Virtual Reunions this fall.