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Throughout the past few years, the Scottish Rite, NMJ has focused its efforts on growing our community – both the membership as well as the digital. We value sharing interesting and relevant content across all of our social channels, so that all members are up-to-date on current campaigns, news, events and more. Have you followed us on our social channels yet? If you need a little persuasion, below are all of the many things you can expect to find by following us online.


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Our conversation on Facebook:

• Highlights of the amazing work done all over the jurisdiction from specific Valleys and Lodges, as well as individuals.
• Wherever SGC Glattly goes, we go! Photo memories from conferences and programs are always posted on Facebook
• Links to recent blogs, livestream events, and upcoming educational initiatives
• Campaigns and contests (hint: check our Facebook starting June 5 – there will be a fun new trivia campaign with chances for you to win Masonry-themed prizes!)

Comment and like our posts to let us know what you enjoy seeing the most so that we can provide more of what you love.

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Our conversation on Twitter:

• Quick news tidbits and SNRMJ updates
• Historical facts, images and dates
• Member benefits such as links to the member center, video library, blog and shop
• Retweets from other Valleys, lodges, and institutions

Twitter is an amazing opportunity to connect with everyone helping to spread the word of Masonry.

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Our conversation on LinkedIn:

• Special information regarding events happening at headquarters
• The behind-the-scenes of our production sets
• Various business information

LinkedIn is our newest channel, and a great opportunity for fellow Scottish Rite members to establish professional connections with one another.

We are so excited to have you in our community and are always looking for ways to expand and share the amazing work that you are doing. Thankfully, social media enables us to do that. Help us grow together by joining our channels and let us know what you would like to see.

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