As Scottish Rite Masons, one of our core values is Devotion to Country. Similarly, for Freemasons as a whole, we have a deep-rooted history in the United States of America and specifically with the American flag. We have participated in this country’s greatest battles and triumphs, helping to create the building blocks that define the fabric of our nation. Today and every day, we are proud to be Masons that live by the values of justice, integrity, tolerance, service, reverence for god, and devotion to country.

On this Flag Day, journey with us as we explore the deep-seated bond between Freemasonry and the American flag.

“The flag is a part of our ritual and a part of our heritage. It’s a part of being a Mason.”

“We pledge allegiance to it and we will fight for it, if necessary. It’s just a piece of cloth but it’s a meaningful piece of cloth.”

“This country was founded by giants of history who were mostly Freemasons. And they sewed this into every thread of our government and the flag was a symbol of what they did.”

“It’s a symbol of the sacrifices the people before us made. It’s symbolic of the establishment of a new idea – a grand experiment – a new democracy.”