Watch "Inside the Freemasons" on Netflix

Inside the Freemasons is a new documentary available on Netflix that chronicles the lives of the members of the United Grand Lodge of England. The five-part series takes viewers behind the curtain as they document rituals, ceremonies, duties, and the mission of the UGLE.

Between scenes with UGLE members dressed in full regalia, the series weaves in educational explanations of the cornerstones of Freemasonry, including positions within the fraternity, the steps in the initiation process, the history behind the well-known Masonic apron, and esoteric symbology.

Within each episode, the camera gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the roles of members in the fraternity and how their journey through Freemasonry impacts their personal lives. There’s Tony, Provincial Grand Master and a 34-year member of the UGLE, who gives us a look at his impressive collection of model cars and his strong bond with his grandchildren. Roan, a newly initiated second degree Mason, is preparing for his upcoming nuptials to his long-time girlfriend. And Gary, Worshipful Master of two separate lodges, who has a past love of extreme sports such as skydiving and base jumping. The series documents the lives of individuals at different points in their Masonic careers and draws parallels between their Masonic obligation and their everyday lives.

Masons from "Inside the Freemasons"

The Netflix show does a great job of educating the public about Freemasonry and highlighting how the important bonds of Masonic brotherhood have made members better citizens of their communities.

If you haven’t started the series yet, we highly recommend watching! There are multiple ways to bring your Lodge together and watch the series. Here are just a few idea

  • Host a Watch Party—grab a few pizzas and your favorite beers and gather your Brothers at the lodge for a watch party. Whether you watch just the first episode, watch one per week for five weeks, or binge the entire series in one night, it’s a great chance to bring the lodge together!
  • Make a Netflix-style “Book Club”—everyone loves the concept of a traditional book club, so why not swap out the book for the series? Set up a recurring date and time for members of the lodge to meet and discuss each episode together each week. Share what you liked, didn’t like, and which member stories you relate to – this opens the discussion up to share even more from the series.
  • Start your own series—looking to share the stories of your own lodge, or have a Brother that loves to capture great moments through film? Then create your own series about your lodge! There’s nothing better than seeing just how Freemasonry has impacted the lives of so many within the fraternity and the community at large.

No matter how you choose to watch the series, we highly recommend taking the time to catch a few episodes and get to know your Brothers in the UGLE. If you do watch the series as a Lodge, be sure to share any photos or stories with us! Send them to MasonicStorie[email protected].