“Hauts Grades Academy” or the High Grades Academy (HGA) is a new educational initiative that Supreme Council is launching in 2018. The academy derives its name from the early days of the Scottish Rite degree system, dating back to eighteenth century France. The program will be made available to all 32°degree Scottish Rite Masons of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, free of charge and aims to advance the call for more education in Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

This educational initiative is part of “The Path Forward”, a much larger project that Supreme Council is implementing under the direction of Ill. David A. Glattly, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander. “The Path Forward” was created on the foundation that many of our members want more education in the Scottish Rite. This demand was evident in the results of the most recent Supreme Council survey that highlighted the need for more education, engagement, and interaction among members.

Hauts Grades Academy is answering this request for education, as it is designed to promote the study of the degrees of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. The academy’s curriculum will consist of three levels for completion, that can be pursued at the candidate’s own pace, online or offline. Ultimately, graduates will earn the honor of becoming a Scottish Rite Hauts Grades Academic.

Level One

In Level One, the candidate will complete the study of the ritual of all 29 Scottish Rite NMJ Degrees and submit to four multiple choice quizzes, divided according to the four Scottish Rite bodies. The candidate must obtain 75% on each quiz to pass to Level Two.

Level Two

In Level Two, the candidate will complete a total of nine self-reflection essays and a review of any of the 29 Scottish Rite degrees offered by the NMJ. These essays will express what he has learned from these degrees, and/or what key takeaways made an impression on him and how. The candidate will closely work with the advisory board, not only to ensure that the proper lessons are conveyed, but also to help and direct the candidate throughout the process.

Level Three

In Level Three, the candidate is asked to write a professional research paper focusing on any Scottish Rite topic of his choice that can vary between history, ritual, and the philosophy of the Scottish Rite and must be pre-approved by the board. Every research paper must be reviewed and approved by at least three members of the advisory board. The three advisory board members, by a majority vote, can then accept the paper and notify the member that he has successfully completed the HGA program. Furthermore, the approved research paper will be published in the academy’s annual publication, which will be called Accendo -- Latin for kindle, ignite, or enhance.

Upon completion of the HGA, every graduate will receive a special certificate, a jewel that can be worn to any Scottish Rite event, and will be eligible to include the initials HGA after their name such as Joe A. Doe, 32˚ HGA (Hauts Grades Academic).