My Brothers All,

Sovereign Grand Commanders James D. Cole of the Southern Jurisdiction and I released a joint statement encouraging visitation between the jurisdictions. Together, we wish to encourage all of our members, wherever so disbursed and no matter where your Scottish Rite roots are planted, to continually enhance your personal Masonic journey by seeking Masonic light from wherever it shines. Therefore, we strongly promote and encourage the sharing of Masonic Fellowship between our Valleys and their members. While there are some differences, much between our jurisdictions is the same. Feel free to make your own comparisons and draw your own conclusions. But above all, enjoy the fellowship of Scottish Rite Freemasonry with your cross jurisdictional Brothers. And as always, Journey On.

Peter J. Samiec, 33º
Sovereign Grand Commander

To promote the advancement of fraternal harmony we've issued the memorandum below.

SJ NMJ Joint Statement