As Freemasons, you understand that the quest for more light is never-ending. With a history as rich as our fraternity’s, there are endless topics to dive deeper into as you seek to enrich your mastery of the craft.

The Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction is often called “the college of Freemasonry,” and for good reason. The Supreme Council regularly provides new and updated resources for brethren to engage with, spanning everything from famous Masonic figures to the early history of Freemasonry and Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

If you are looking to advance your Masonic education this new year, we suggest perusing through the blogs below which were most popular amongst our brethren in 2020.

Dive Into These Masonic Reads

Expand your knowledge of Masonic history, symbolism, and culture by reading any one of these educational blogs from the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

Learn more about the history and meaning of Scottish Rite rings at our blog

Scottish Rite Rings: Meaning Behind the Band

As Scottish Rite Masons, we love to show our pride in the fraternity by wearing Masonic symbols. The allegory and symbolism of Scottish Rite Freemasonry remind brethren of the teachings of our 29 degrees, helping men live fulfilling lives abiding by our highest principles.

What significance do our Scottish Rite rings hold? Learn more by reading our blog.

Masonic tracing and trestle boards teach Masons about the early history and rituals of our fraterntiy

Masonic Tracing Boards and Trestle Boards: Their History and Significance Today

One of Freemasonry’s oldest symbols is the Masonic trestle board. Often confused with its similar counterpart, the tracing board, the trestle board is, literally and figuratively speaking, the blueprint of which our ancient fraternity was built upon.

Gain a better understanding of how our earliest brethren were taught the teachings of the craft and how these early ritual tools are used today by reading our blog.

Football field

Sporting Gold: Masonic Athletes

Freemasons have made their mark throughout history as politicians, historians, teachers, authors and Presidents. But did you know that many men who've joined the ranks of Freemasonry were accomplished athletes?

From golf Hall of Famer Arnold Palmer to basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal, learn about some of our fraternity's most famous athletes at our blog.

Masonic apron for Scottish Rite Freemasons

The Legacy of the Masonic Apron

When the fraternity was established in the 1700s, the founders adopted the tools and traditions of stonemasons, among them the protective aprons they wore as they worked. Today, Masons continue to wear these aprons for their symbolic meaning.

Perhaps one of the greatest symbols of Masonic history and tradition, learn more about the past and present use of Aprons in Freemasonry when you visit our blog.

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