"If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk." -- Robert Baden-Powell, a British General who has a lodge named in his honor in Victoria, England

Listening is one of the most valuable ways to learn and understand varying perspectives on a wide range of topics. As Freemasons, we have devoted our lives to finding new avenues for understanding how to become the best that we can be and live up to our Masonic ideals.

Podcasts involve a unique kind of exploration. The best ones fuel curiosity and enrich our minds in a relatively accessible way. Podcasts also prompt a forum for reflection, allowing us to find new topics of interest, contemplation, and discussion.

Many of us have found ourselves with some extra time on our hands recently while stuck at home. We encourage you to take the time to explore diverse perspectives on Freemasonry using that newly gained knowledge to discover new ways to apply historical lessons and Masonic values to our daily lives. This month, try listening to one of these five podcasts to explore the principles and ideals of our craft further:

1. The Freemasons Podcast:

This podcast features members of various lodges in Connecticut discussing a variety of topics including esoteric Masonry, symbolism, and debunked conspiracies told from the eyes of Freemasons- not the uninitiated. The Freemasons Podcast dives into not so squared actions as hosts Brother George Mudry, Brother Joe Zannino, and Brother Ken Tarwood discuss a variety of topics over a few beers. Listen to their most recent podcast, which addresses how to approach Unmasonic conduct.

2. Historical Light Masonic Podcast:

With the goal of bringing Masonic history to modern light, historians and hosts Brother Alex G. Powers and Brother Robert W. Marshall delve into the rich history of the Craft as well as their own personal stories and reflections. Through the Historical Light Podcast, memories and life experiences are reflected upon, remembered and discussed to further the knowledge of Freemasons. From touring abandoned Masonic temples to providing insight on the 3 stages of initiatic spirituality, this podcast touches on a wide variety of interesting topics for those looking to expand their learning.

3. Masonic Central:

As the podcast “for Freemasons, by Freemasons,” Masonic Central is a weekly talk show that delves into the wide world of all things Masonic, from trending movies and books to notable academia and figures. At the end of the day, the main goal of the program is to create a heightened, encompassing awareness of the venerable institution by discussing Masonic history as well as holding Q&A sessions with notable guest speakers from the Masonic community and beyond.

4. Worthy And Well Qualified:

Co-hosts Darrell McTague and Bryan Simmons discuss all things Masonic, and (almost) nothing is considered off-limits or out-of-bounds. Topics range from discussions with Grand Masters and deep dives into things like the recruitment process and Masonic lineage and brotherhood. With Worthy And Well Qualified, you’ll get some blunt, honest, real conversations - and plenty of laughs, too.

5. International Brotherhood of Freemasons Podcast:

Hosted by Brother Paul Hynes, this podcast features conversations with Freemasons from around the world. By addressing societal issues affecting communities all over the globe, the International Brotherhood of Freemasons Podcast aims to spread knowledge and provide unique perspectives for its listeners while living up to Freemasonry’s highest ideals of making the world a better place

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