The Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (NMJ) is continuously creating new and innovative educational programming to help brethren further their connection to the Craft - both online and in-person. These initiatives are fueled by the Membership Education Fund.

The Membership Education Fund is Scottish Rite, NMJ’s newest charity. With all the new educational programs we have embarked upon, including the Hauts Grades Academy, Rite on the Road, and our Virtual Reunions, this charity serves to provide our members with the tools and programs they need to continue to seek more light and continue to uphold Scottish Rite as “the college of Freemasonry.” In just the last two years since its inception, The Membership Education Fund has made an incredible impact in helping to grow our fraternity.

“Your Supreme Council Membership team has been hard at work, creating numerous ways to keep our membership engaged, and our need for connection has never been greater. Thousands of us have taken advantage of these programs and others, which are all designed to improve our Scottish Rite experience,” said Walter F. Wheeler, 33°, Director of Scottish Rite Charities.

Appeal letters to support the Membership Education Fund went out to members last month. So far, Scottish Rite, NMJ has brought in $179,585 of our $250,000 goal, which will allow our educational programming to continue. Those who donate $50 or more toward the campaign will receive the first in a series of collectible coins based on our Scottish Rite core values, like the one shown here:

The Membership Education Fund appeal will continue until the end of June. If you are interested in contributing to the ongoing success of your Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction fraternity, please visit to donate today.