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The Scottish Rite, NMJ gifts two new “Not Just a Man. A Mason.” videos, Mirror and Judge, free of charge to help Lodges continue revitalizing Freemasonry.

During the February 2024 Conference of Grand Masters North America, the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction unveiled the latest extension of the award-winning “Not Just a Man. A Mason.” (NJAMAM) campaign: two new videos, “Mirror,” and “Judge.”

“Mirror” and “Judge” present :30-second vignettes of a Mason that aim to underscore one of the key tenets that make a man a Mason – high moral character. With short but poignant scripts, such as “What a man wears on the outside can tell the world what he values on the inside,” the newest NJAMAM videos serve as powerful ads, social posts, and educational tools for Lodges across the globe looking to bolster their recruitment efforts or simply show the world what it really means to be a Mason.

Both Mirror and Judge build upon the success of the original NJAMAM campaign, using data-driven insights from a national study of men to position the Brotherhood and ideals of Freemasonry in a way that resonates with the modern needs of today’s man.

We invite you to watch “Mirror” and “Judge” by clicking the links below.

Watch “Mirror”

Watch “Judge”

The entire “Not Just a Man. A Mason.” campaign, including three other videos and a suite of print assets, can be viewed, customized, and downloaded for Lodge use here.

Learn more about the data that underpins the NJAMAM campaign and speaks to Freemasonry’s bright future in our new book, The Path Forward: Empowering the Future of Freemasonry.

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