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Sovereign Grand Commander Peter J. Samiec 33° reflects on the accomplishments of the Scottish Rite this past year and shares his excitement for 2022.

Dear Brethren,

If there’s one thing we can all agree on this year, it’s that 2021 was one to remember.

While the pandemic continued to play a role in our daily lives and fraternal events, you were there. In times of uncertainty and overwhelming despair, you all continued to support each other, support your communities, and uphold the Core Values of our fraternity with pride and dignity.

Because you were there, we can celebrate another year of remarkable generosity, service, and Brotherly love. And, because of this, we at the Supreme Council have and are continuing to step up and offer our support in helping Brethren become the best man and Mason they can be.

In 2021, we saw the continuation and evolvement of our signature virtual events like Virtual Reunions and Thursday Night at the Rite. While these online events were brought forth in the early days of the pandemic to unite Brethren, we quickly realized these activities are so much more than a fraternal gathering. They're milestones in your Masonic journey.

Being a Scottish Rite Mason is not just about watching our degrees; it's about what you take from them, how you store the lessons and ideals of the Craft in your heart. Being a Scottish Rite Mason requires a deeper understanding, reflection, and daily application of the Craft. We're excited to share with you shortly both new and evolved member programming in 2022 that will help ensure every one of you is able to reach your full potential as a man and a Mason.

Included in our programming for 2022 is the return of our member-favorite Thursday Night at the Rite! This year, we’re kicking off the new season with a special presentation that is open to all- join us online on February 17th at 8 PM EST to witness the unveiling of our new anthemic campaign for the Scottish Rite, NMJ! Invite your Master Mason friends and mark your calendars- this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Our regular Thursday Night at the Rite degree presentations will then officially begin on March 3 at 8 PM EST. We hope you will join us to witness never-before-seen degree productions, degrees seldom seen, and further your Masonic education through accompanying panel discussions.

In addition, we’re also bringing back “Join the Rite Nights.” Thirty minutes prior to each Thursday Night at the Rite, candidates are invited to log on and witness the 4°and be initiated into our fraternity. Best of all, these newly initiated members are then eligible and welcome to join their new Scottish Rite Brothers for that evening’s Thursday Night at the Rite festivities. If you know a Master Mason who would make a great Scottish Rite Brother, we wholly encourage you to share this exciting initiative and invite them to join.

Learn more here.

From myself and all of us at the Supreme Council, we wish you and your family an abundance of health and happiness in the new year. We can’t wait for what’s in store for our fraternity in 2022.

Sovereign Grand Commander Peter J. Samiec, 33°
Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

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