As Scottish Rite Freemasons, we embark on the journey of a lifetime – a journey towards becoming better men by seeking more light through the lessons bestowed through our Core Values and in our 29 degrees. Our Pathfinder Program was created to guide you on this journey, offering numerous opportunities to learn more about the many facets of the Scottish Rite, NMJ and uncover the road that best serves your needs and interest.

This summer, there are a plethora of Mile Markers you can check off to continue your Masonic journey and discover the experiences, knowledge, and lifelong friendships that will help you become the best version of yourself. Below we’ve listed our top four Pathfinder activities that will help you progress in your Pathfinder journey this season.

1. Make Brother-to-Brother Calls

Hand on telephone

Guide Book Code: PF-VL_001

Waypoint: Valley Life

This summer, make a difference in a Brother’s life by making a minimum of ten Brother-to-Brother calls. When you’ve completed your calls, write down in your Field Book how this action made you feel and the impact these calls may have had on your fellow Brothers. Learn more in the Pathfinder Guide Book.

2. Attend the Global Leadership Summit

Guide Book Code: PF-EP_005

Waypoint: Enrichment Programs

Sharpen your leadership skills by attending a local, regional, or NMJ-sponsored leadership event – like the Global Leadership Summit! From August 4-5, you can witness world-class faculty deliver fresh and actionable leadership insights that will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired, and equipped to tackle new challenges – in and outside of the fraternity. Learn more and register here.

Once you’ve completed this Mile-Marker, reflect and record what you learned in your Field Book.

3. Encourage Masonic Friends to Participate in Pathfinder

Two Freemasons shaking hands

Guide Book Code: PF-EP_001

Waypoint: Enrichment Programs

Encourage three newer Scottish Rite members to get involved in Pathfinder this summer! Joining a new fraternity can be a daunting experience for new Brothers; Pathfinder can help them navigate the many elements of the Scottish Rite and ensure they experience all we have to offer.

Arrange a time to speak with a new Brother personally and describe to them how you think Pathfinder could enhance their Scottish Rite experience. Better yet, offer to be a resource for them as they work through the program! You can direct them to our Pathfinder website page to learn more.

You can also encourage a Brother to sign up for a Pathfinder Open House, taking place the second Wednesday of every month at 7 PM ET. Direct them to this link to learn more and add the event to their calendar!

Record your general impressions of these conversations and obtain the signature of each Brother in your Field Book entry.

4. Organize or Participate in a Food Drive or Local Pantry

A Freemason serving food

Guide Book Code: PF-SP_002

Waypoint: Service and Philanthropy

Service to Humanity is a Core Value that we, as Scottish Rite Masons, strive to live by each and every day. Lend a helping hand to those in need this season by organizing or participating in a local food drive or pantry. It’s an opportunity to not only give back to the community, but also gather Brethren for some fun, summer bonding! Upon completion, reflect and record your experience in your Field Book.

Make the Most of Your Journey of a Lifetime

Whether you are a newly initiated 32° Scottish Rite Mason or have been a member for decades, there are many paths forward. Let Pathfinder help you find yours. As Brother Ward Grossman from the Valley of Portland expressed, “The knowledge I've been able to get from this program is everything I need to learn more about Scottish Rite.I learned more about the organization than I knew existed. This is excellent. I just want to express sincerest thank you to your program, and all involved.”

For more information on each Waypoint and Mile-Marker, download our Pathfinder Guide Book. To record your progress, download the Pathfinder Field Book Kit.

The path towards enlightenment never truly ends. Learn more about Pathfinder here and get started on your Journey of a Lifetime today.