In the spirit of thankfulness and gratitude this giving season, we present 7.5 Billion, our new Grand Almoner’s video. In this moving piece, we exemplify how we care for our Brothers, their families and widows in need.

Every dollar donated to Grand Almoner’s Fund is used to support Brothers facing hardships and crises. While our financial support is important, the real impact of our giving is the emotional support it provides. Above all else, the Grand Almoner’s Fund lifts up those in need, and ensures that our Brothers know they have a legions of men behind them when they need it the most.

We hope you enjoy this video and feel the transformative power of all we do together through the Grand Almoner’s Fund. Have ave a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends Continue to spread the light to everyone you touch.

To donate to The Scottish Rite Grand Almoner’s Fund, click here.