In addition to Thursday Night at the Rite, Join the Rite Nights are also returning for season four!

What is Join the Rite Night?

Our virtual initiation event allows candidates to join our fraternity by witnessing the 4° online(the degree required for membership) alongside fellow candidates.

When Are Join the Rite Nights?

Join the Rite Nights are happening bi-weekly, January 19 - April 13, 2023. Each Join the Rite Night will take place virtually at, and will begin at 7:30 pm ET - 30 minutes prior to each Thursday Night at the Rite broadcast.

Candidates can register here. Click here to add Join the Rite Night to your calendar.

What Can I Expect at a Join the Rite Night?

At a Join the Rite Night you will:

  1. Witness the 4° and be initiated into our fraternity alongside fellow candidates
  2. Meet and interact with hundreds of Brothers from across the NMJ
  3. Gain Immediate access to all member perks and programs like Hauts Grades Academy, Pathfinder, Thursday Night at the Rite, and more!
4° poster for Thursday Night at the Rite.
Thursday Night at the Rite’s 4°, The Builder.

Then What?

How about immediate access to Thursday Night at the Rite (TNR)? All candidates who join through a Join the Rite Night are granted access to that evening’s Thursday Night at the Rite degree broadcast at 8 pm ET.

TNR is the NMJ’s signature virtual degree program. Brothers from the NMJ gather online to witness degrees together, connect in fraternal fellowship, and take part in interactive, educational events.

Best of all, viewing degrees during TNR jumpstarts your journey to the 32º – all in one night, conveniently online!

A Meaningful Initiation into the Scottish Rite, NMJ

Is it your first time joining us at a Thursday Night at the Rite or Join the Rite Night? Fear not! Here’s just some of what our members had to say about last season:

"The Thursday Night series is fantastic. I am very grateful for the generous opportunity to view these degrees." - Bro. Steve Dave

"To all who have put this series together, THANK YOU for this opportunity to seek more light on my Masonic Journey. So Mote It Be." - Bro. Ritenour

It was a magnificent presentation. I am so proud to be Scottish Rite Mason." ​​- Brother Francois, 32°

Honestly, I felt honored to watch the degrees. Each degree has helped me to understand my journey and my obligation to something so much bigger than myself. It reconfirmed all that I felt when I first became a Mason. I humbly thank you.” - Bro. DiMare

"Thanks Scottish Rite, NMJ for doing this program for us Brothers - it makes my Thursday Night! I wish it was every Thursday. " - Brother Hacker, 32°

We’re looking forward to another season filled with light and brotherly love!

To learn more about Thursday Night at the Rite, Join the Rite Night, and for candidate registration, visit the TNR website.

Click here to view the full schedule and add Thursday Night at the Rite to your calendar by clicking here.