In an effort to create a more streamlined dues process for all members in Scottish Rite, NMJ, the Administrative Council this month approved a new Standardization of Dues policy. Little changes under this new system, the Supreme Council continues to be responsible for all dues notifications on behalf of our Valleys. The change affects only a small number of Valleys and creates one date of distribution for all 102 Valley dues notices throughout the Jurisdiction, August 1 of each year.

What this means for Valleys

Executive Director Michael C. Russell, CAE said “Creating one standardized distribution of dues for all Valleys will improve efficiencies, provide benchmarks and real-time information to Valleys, and hopefully through the collaborative efforts of the Supreme Council Membership & Valley Relations team, decrease NPDs for members. Valleys will still be responsible for reaching out to members, working through the payment of dues, and more but we believe this will put less burden on the Valley Secretary and in turn foster more Brotherhood among members. Lastly, this new standardization process will allow Valleys to reallocate financial resources to do more for our members while saving money at the same time. Supreme Council is now picking up to the tab to send notices to all members!”

What this means for members

If you are up to date on your dues payments, no action is required. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Supreme Council and Valleys have not issued a dues notice since March 2020. All members who still owe for this dues year will receive a final dues notice for their current dues cycle.

Utilizing article 133 in the Supreme Council Constitutions, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Administrative Council is allowing members to go into a third year of arrears. Outstanding balances for any dues owed will be added to the next notice (which will now be August 1), just as in past years.

Sovereign Grand Commander David A. Glattly, 33° said “We understand that many members are experiencing unsettling times and we do not want them to have to choose between Scottish Rite, NMJ, and more immediate needs. Some Valleys are even forgiving outstanding balances! We have 102 Valleys that operate 102 different ways. We believe this set dues distribution schedule will allow all members to understand where and when to pay the Scottish Rite, NMJ dues more easily and simply.”

Dues Notices

Going forward, dues bills will be distributed electronically on July 1 (August 1 for this transition year 2020) and paper notices will be mailed by August 1. Dues for all Scottish Rite bodies will be combined into one invoice eliminating multiple bills to those members who belong to more than one Valley. All members are able to pay dues electronically through the Member Center,

“With this new process, it is our hope that by the 2021 dues statements, members will be able to opt into e-statements to pay dues monthly or quarterly through automatic payments,” Commander Glattly said.

“This is an exciting development for our fraternity. It is our hope the new process will streamline the dues for all Valleys of the Jurisdiction, ultimately providing a smoother and more pleasant member experience,” he added.

For more information, please see Annual Dues Standardization or watch the video below.