Not Just a Man. A Mason. billboard

If you are cruising down the road on I-295 in Westhampton, NJ and happen to look up, you are in for a surprise. A 48-foot long by 14-foot high brightly-lit billboard will come into view. The text, “Not Just A Man. A Mason!” is easily seen, proudly touting The Path Forward campaign for all to see.

The billboard is a testament to the power of collaboration. Working in tandem with the NMJ, Crescent Shrine and the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, this outstanding statement for Freemasonry was able to happen in a bold and impressive way. The billboard is owned by Crescent Shrine, and they generously donated the space to feature its state's Grand Lodge.

Not Just A Man. A Mason. website

The creation of this billboard was made possible in part due to the SRNMJ asset shop website, On this site, The Path Forward campaign materials are available to all Lodges and Valleys across the country. We can customize the ads with Grand Lodge seals, urls, and calls to action as requested and offer a variety of different collateral, usages, and sizes. The customization is done and the digital download is provided free of charge. So far, more than half the US states—and three provinces in Canada—are using The Path Forward print campaign and the Even Better video. We're really proud of this strategic initiative that is invigorating Freemasonry from coast to coast, and with our neighbors to the north.

How You Can Use

To enhance your lodge or valley’s online image, head on over the website, scroll through the different materials (ie. social banners, retractable pull up banners, posters etc.), and choose the item you wish to order. Next, choose the image/quote you prefer and click “download”. All social media assets are free to download and easy to use! If you wish to create a custom order (such as the aforementioned billboard), then locate the “custom order form” in the overhead navigation bar. On this page, you will be able to locate a form and fill out all of the necessary information about the item you wish to order. All customization and the digital download is done FREE of charge. There is also a contact form if you need more assistance. Our team is always here to help make your vision come to life.

Not Just A Man. A Mason. banners

Please scan through our brand guidelines (located in the top navigation) as well, created to make our brand experience cohesive, recognizable, and professional. The guidelines are free to download and were designed with our Not Just A Man. A Mason. campaign to help educate the public and inspire our Masonic Brethren about who we are and what we stand for as Freemasons.

As previously mentioned, the campaign materials from our Path Forward initiative are being used widely throughout the United States and Canada. Here are examples of how the images and messages are being employed in Wisconsin, Manitoba, Rhode Island and more. And those are just a few! The branding looks fresh and modern on websites and the smart messaging speaks to our values in ways that appeal to potential applicants — and reinvigorates pride in all members.

Lodges using Not Just A Man. A Mason. materials

Not Just A Man. A Mason. campaign materials

We're continuing with great optimism to work hard to help Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite increase the visibility, impact, and influence the Craft has long deserved.

Not Just A Man. A Mason. materials in Lexington Lodge