Supreme Council’s Strategic Planning/State of the Rite Committee is pleased to announce the launch of The Valley of Excellence Program, a special award designed to recognize Valleys in the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction who go above and beyond in their endeavors. With focuses on areas of membership, service/philanthropy, leadership development, and operations, this program encourages Valleys to deliver a premier Scottish Rite experience.

To compete for the Valley of Excellence Award, Valleys will accomplish as much as possible from the following scoring outline within the census year (June 16 to June 15 of the following year). The outline was built on a scaling method broken down into four key areas that add up to 100% overall, which scales automatically based on the size of each Valley. These four key areas are broken down into subcategories with their own percentages that make up the key area’s total percentage. Below is an outline of the scoring card for the Valley of Excellence.

A Valley needs to obtain a minimum score of 90% to become a “Valley of Excellence,” and Valleys that reach the key success point of 90% will be allotted an additional 33° nomination as a special incentive. It is not possible to receive for “extra credit or points” for any category.

“I think you will be blown away by this incredible blueprint program of success,” said Supreme Council Executive Director Michael Russell, 32°.

“I would like to especially thank the Supreme Council State of the Rite/Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Ill. Jeffry A. Simonton, 33°, for their diligent work in putting together this incredible program. Their tireless efforts will help give all Valleys a workbook to our collective fraternal success,” Brother Russell added.

The Scottish Rite, NMJ’s Membership Team, specifically Brennan Parken, 32°, Assistant Director of Membership, will champion the Valley of Excellence Program, providing updates and fielding inquiries. For more information about program, email [email protected].