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TNR Curtain Hero

Another season of Thursday Night at the Rite (TNR) has come to an end. Thank you to the thousands of Brothers who joined us online!

What was once a temporary solution to the ongoing pandemic has turned into a hallmark member program of the Scottish Rite, NMJ. During each season of TNR, members continue their Masonic journey through a series of bi-weekly, online degree presentations. Streamed live for Scottish Rite Masons across our 15-state jurisdiction, each episode offers a chance for more light and Brotherhood.

Our series continues to evolve each season as we continue our Path Forward, bolstering opportunities for members to delve deeper into the principles and teachings of our beloved Craft. Season four was no different – continue reading below to see the latest additions and highlights from our latest season.

Season Four Premiere: The Unveiling of the New 20°

Thursday Night at the Rite kicked off on January 19, 2023, with the long-awaited premiere of our new, cinematic production of the 20°, Master Ad Vitam.

Our team at headquarters began production of the new degree in early 2022. After a nationwide casting call, we began shooting in Massachusetts . Each actor in this treasured degree is an active member of the Scottish Rite, NMJ and put countless hours into preparing for their respective role.

Click below for a sneak peek of what TNR had to offer with our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 20°.

The hard work put into the performance by the cast and production crew was well worth it with members flooding our social media channels with praise!

New to Season Four: Degree Performances by NMJ Valleys

In addition to the premiere of the 20°, each bi-weekly episode in season four included a degree performance from a Scottish Rite, NMJ Valley.

Beginning in Fall 2022, the Supreme Council’s production team traveled across the jurisdiction to assist in producing and filming Valleys’ rendition of their chosen degree. Each cast exclusively consisted of local Brethren, helping to bring the magic of Reunions to the screens of fellow Scottish Rite, NMJ Masons (or as close to the magic as we can get!).

Scottish Rite Masons from the Valley of Harrisburg performing the 21°, Patriarch Noachite

We’d like to give a special thanks to the Valleys and Brethren who presented this season:

  • Valley of Bridgeport: 28°, Knight of the Sun
  • Valley of Portland: 5°, Perfect Master
  • Valley of Rochester: 9°, Master of the Temple
  • Valley of Boston: 7°, Provost and Judge
  • Valley of Michigan: 14°, Grand Elect Mason
  • Valley of Harrisburg: 21°, Patriarch Noachite

Here’s what Brothers thought about this season’s degree performances:

“I decided to take this journey to increase my Masonic learning, and I am very impressed with the quality of the degree work. Thank You to all involved and to the NMJ for offering this opportunity for more light in Masonry!” – Brother Norman P. Evans

“What an incredible night. Well done.” – Brother Ronald Foster

“Great presentation! I really enjoy TNR.” – Brother Stan Meister

“This was another fantastic TNR. My sincere thanks to all the brothers who made it possible, both on stage and behind the scenes!” – Brother Peter Spadatto

Join the Rite Night

Each Thursday Night at the Rite was accompanied by a Join the Rite Night, a special virtual initiation event where candidates could witness the 4°, a requisite for membership, and join our fraternity.

New members then had the option to stay online and witness another degree presented during that evening’s TNR, furthering their progress towards earning the revered 32°.

This year, 300 Master Masons joined our Brotherhood through Join the Rite Night!

If you missed Join the Rite Night this season but are interested in becoming a Scottish Rite, NMJ Brother, it’s not too late to apply! Once your application is accepted, you can reach out to your local Valley secretary about in-person degree dates or stay tuned for our next season of Join the Rite Night and Thursday Night at the Rite!

Thank you to all the Valleys and Brothers who participated in this season. We can’t wait to see you online for season five - stay tuned for more details to come!

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