The Scottish Rite, NMJ introduced a new addition to one of our most popular member programs, Thursday Night at the Rite, this season: panel discussions. Following each session of Thursday Night at the Rite, members have been invited to stay on and listen to fellow Scottish Rite Masons explore that evening’s lessons, with Brother J. Brian Mcnaughton, 33°, serving as moderator.

J. Brian Mcnaughton, 33°, serves as moderator on a panel with members of the Valley of Providence following a presentation of the 16°: Prince of Jerusalem

These educational discussions bring a richer dimension to the event series that members have long requested. Since the inception of our Path Forward initiative in 2017, the Supreme Council has been steadily working to increase member engagement and advance our use of technology to provide members with a meaningful Scottish Rite experience. In our most recent survey we found that an overwhelming majority of members listed “continuing the Masonic journey” (89%) and “continuing my personal journey” (81%) as some of the top reasons to join our fraternity.

These panel discussions featured conversation and examination into everything from how our Core Values resonate in everyday life, to what members enjoy most about the Scottish Rite. See some highlights from our panels below.

Reflections on the Core Value of Integrity from the showing of the 11°: Sublime Master Elected, featuring Masons from the Valley of Dayton.

Brother Jeff Bickel, 33°, from the Valley of Cincinnati, reflects on the Core Value of Tolerance and how he sees it in the Scottish Rite.

Brothers from the Valley of Providence discuss how Reverence for God makes us better men and Masons as exemplified in the 16°: Prince of Jerusalem.

In addition, members have responded with overwhelming enthusiasm to the newest addition to Thursday Night at the Rite, read what they have to say below:

"The panel discussion put the icing on the cake. Thank you from the Valley of the Firelands" - Brother Joseph Wuitowicz Jr.
"Valuable discussion group afterwards. They brought out some points I missed.”- Brother Mark Luhtanen
"Awesome presentation. I learned a lot during the discussion." - Brother Victor Enriquez
"Very nice! I loved the discussion at the end” - Brother Adam Evans

What is Thursday Night at the Rite?

Thursday Night at the Rite is a bi-weekly program that brings you a number of rarely-seen degrees to help you fill your passport. Each program is presented, performed, and pre-recorded at a different Valley across the jurisdiction. Visit here for the most up-to-date schedule for Thursday Night at the Rite.