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Thursday Night at the Rite returns for season five and brings new degrees, special presentations, and more for members.

Thursday Night at the Rite (TNR) returned on February 1, 2024! Back for its fifth season, the team at Supreme Council has been hard at work for months to bring members more degrees, education, and Brotherhood. Continue reading to see what’s in store this winter and spring.

What is Thursday Night at the Rite?

A graphic banner depicting two drawn stage curtains. The graphic shares the dates and time of Thursday Night at the Rite.

If you’re a new member this year, you may be wondering what Thursday Night at the Rite (TNR) is and how you can join. TNR is our beloved and signature degree broadcast program.

Each season, Supreme Council offers bi-weekly degree presentations online to help Brothers stay engaged and connected in between Reunions, or for those who are unable to travel to witness degrees.

Our degree broadcasts are inspiring, and cinematic, and provide opportunities for greater light and fellowship. While nothing can replace the magic of our Reunions, TNR remains a meaningful Masonic experience that hundreds – if not thousands – of Brothers tune in for each episode.

Season five airs bi-weekly on Thursdays at 8 PM ET from February 1 – April 24, 2024. Degrees witnessed online during TNR are available for passport credit (with the exception of “special degree presentations”).

How do I attend TNR?

Only Scottish Rite, NMJ members are permitted to attend TNR to ensure our degrees are kept secure. To join us for TNR, simply visit at the event start and log in with your member ID to watch.

How Master Masons and Candidates Can Attend TNR:

Not a member but interested in attending TNR? Complete your application to start the process of becoming a Scottish Rite Mason. Once your application is accepted, you are officially a Scottish Rite candidate.

Scottish Rite candidates can join us for TNR by attending any Join the Rite Night, taking place immediately before every TNR broadcast at 7:30 PM ET. At a Join the Rite Night, candidates will witness the 4° (our requisite degree for membership) and become a Scottish Rite Mason online during one convenient event. Register online with your member ID to save your spot at our virtual initiation!

Scottish Rite candidates can also become a Scottish Rite Mason by witnessing the 4° at their local Valley. Click here to find degree dates.

What’s New for Season Five of TNR:

Each season we build upon the last, enhancing our existing platform and adding new components to our show to provide members with the most fulfilling degree experience. This season, you can expect to enjoy:

  • Degree presentations by Brothers from seven different Valleys, including presentations from states never featured on TNR before!
  • Featured segments from Supreme Council and affiliated organizations like our Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library.
  • Special degree presentations (on select dates) where Valleys perform not just the formal degree, but also their modern adaptation of the story.

The Season Premiere on February 1: A Special Presentation of the 8° and the World Premiere of Our New Video

On February 1, season five kicked off with two degree presentations of the 8°, Intendant of the Building by the Valley of Pittsburgh. Our Pittsburgh Brothers will present the traditional version of the degree depicted in our ritual, as well as their unique, contemporary interpretation of the degree called “Solomon Ascending.”

For their adaptation of the 8°, members can expect to see the story of the degree set in a modern boardroom, following the theme of the popular HBO show Succession in determining “who will run the company.”

A movie poster for the Scottish Rite, NMJ’s 8°
A movie poster for the Scottish Rite, NMJ’s 8°

In addition to two degree presentations, the Supreme Council also unveiled our new anthemic video for Scottish Rite Masons, part of our Journey On campaign, live during TNR: Hourglass.

The Complete Schedule

A graphic detailing the season five schedule of Thursday Night at the Rite

Click here for the complete TNR season five schedule and details.

Host a Viewing Party

While Thursday Night at the Rite aims to make seeking light accessible wherever you may be, it’s also a great way to rally your Valley Brothers. Host a TNR viewing party and check out our blog for help on planning a memorable event.

We look forward to seeing you online at Thursday Night at the Rite!

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