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Virtual Reunions

Our first season of Virtual Reunions was a roaring success! Learn more about the impact and results of our innovative digital offering for candidates and members.

For the first time ever in the fall of 2020, Supreme Council offered a new option for brethren and candidates wishing to engage with the teachings of the craft: Virtual Reunions.

With the pandemic creating barriers for Valleys in hosting our traditional Reunions, we knew a safe and convenient alternative was needed to help members further their quest for light and to help Master Masons continue their Masonic journey.

Our solution was to create a singular Masonic experience; a shared point in time that unites our fraternity while reflecting upon the teachings and philosophies of the Scottish Rite - regardless of where a Mason lives.

Brother Jay Colavita tuning in to our Virtual Reunion
Brother Jay Colavita tuning in to our Virtual Reunion

Over a series of four events, each with its own unique assortment of degree presentations, over 2,500 of members tuned in and checked another box off their degree passport while welcoming 1,010 new members to the brotherhood! By our fall finale on November 14th, Virtual Reunions brought some impressive stats for Valleys and brethren, including:

  • 88 of our 100 Valleys welcomed new members
  • The Valley of Boston welcomed the most new members through Virtual Reunions, bringing in 88 new Brothers!
  • 1,200 of members and candidates tuned in at once on October 3rd!
  • Over $19,000 raised for our Scottish Rite charities

Beyond just the degrees, our Virtual Reunions provided opportunities for brother-to-brother engagement and camaraderie through educational sessions with Scottish Rite leaders and fraternal discussion. In particular, members enjoyed networking with fellow brethren and engaging in esoteric discussion of the degrees presented.

Brother Ed Lopez watching our Virtual Reunion from home
Brother Ed Lopez watching our Virtual Reunion from home

Overall, Brothers from all over found the Virtual Reunions to be a fulfilling Masonic experience that furthered their voyage to perfecting their rough ashlars, helping them to become better fathers, sons, Brothers and Masons. Read what a few members had to say about their first foray with Virtual Reunions:

During these difficult times I found the Virtual Reunions were a convenient way to begin and even continue our journey. They are top quality productions that will get you oriented in the proper direction. Thanks to all the Brethren that dedicated themselves to the labor for us new Brethren. Bravo, it's been extremely inspiring!” - Brother Colavita

I watched all 3; I took something new away from the 4th degree each time. Great presentations! Thank you.” - Brother Lindsey

I attended the October 3rd’s Virtual Reunion, and any Brother skeptical of the online format; fear not, it was a top-notch presentation and a great experience. I’m grateful that in these uncertain times, light finds a way to meet those that seek it. Brethren, register today and continue your journey.” - Bro. Dillion

"I like this format and hope it continues even after COVID." - Bro. Pais

"The Virtual Reunion was absolutely brilliant! I feel privileged, honored, proud and grateful to be a member of this generous and outstanding fraternity and the NMJ." -Bro. Lewis

While our fall season has ended, the Supreme Council will be offering additional virtual and livestream opportunities for brethren in 2021. In fact, members can continue to complete their degree passport when Thursday Night at the Rite returns! Stay tuned for further details, coming soon.

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