As Scottish Rite Freemasons, we are committed to fulfilling our Masonic obligation to take care of our brethren. In 2021, we watched in awe as Brothers and Valleys from across our 15-state jurisdiction went above and beyond to ensure our vision was met. Because you were there, our charitable work continued, providing life-changing support in what was surely a tumultuous year for many.

The theme of this year’s impact report is “You Were There,” and for good reason. Because you were there, opening your hearts with incredible generosity, we:

  • Raised over $749,000 to assist Brothers and their families in their darkest hour through the Grand Almoner’s Fund
  • Provided tutoring for over 1,000 children affected by dyslexia through our Children’s Dyslexia Centers
  • Raised over $250,000 to bolster our fraternity’s educational offerings, providing opportunities such as the Hauts Grades Academy, Virtual Reunions, and more to ensure every Brother can continue his journey to more light
  • Continued to preserve and protect Masonic history at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, raising almost $200,000 to ensure our fraternity’s rich culture and history lives on

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We encourage you to read our 2021 Annual Impact Report to learn more about the impact of our charities.

We’re excited to build on this momentum in the new year as our newly appointed Grand Almoner, Ill. Alan Heath, 33°, will be taking the place of Sovereign Grand Commander Peter J. Samiec, 33° who served in that role for many years. Brother Heath is an Active Member from Maine and is honored to be named Grand Almoner, providing care and support for Brothers and their families facing incredible hardship.

Scottish Rite, NMJ Grand Almoner Ill. Alan Heath, 33°
Grand Almoner Ill. Alan Heath, 33°

The culmination of this year’s efforts was celebrated at our annual Giving Tuesday Telethon.

Hosted by Brothers Walt Wheeler, 33°, Director of Charities, and Darian Koons, 32°, Manager of Donor Relations, we gathered as a fraternity to celebrate the momentous work and impact of our Scottish Rite charities. Throughout the night we heard the stories of those positively impacted by our charities such as the Grand Almoner’s Fund and Children’s Dyslexia Centers, welcomed our new Grand Almoner Alan Heath, 33°, listened to live music, and even held a painting competition with Sovereign Grand Commander Samiec!

Scottish Rite Freemasons gathered at a charity event
Brother Walt Wheeler and Brothers from the Valley of Nashua

During the event, we raised $323,244.16! We are stunned and grateful for your overwhelming support. With your kindness, the Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation can continue to uplift the Brothers, communities, and children across our jurisdiction. We thank each and every one of you who watched and donated.

Scottish Rite, NMJ Director of Charities Ill. Walter Wheeler, 33°
Director of Charities Ill. Walter Wheeler, 33°

“Over the last year, you have been an instrumental part of the success of Scottish Rite charities. Your outpouring of support has made a profound difference to our Brothers, their families and our communities.” – Director of Charities Walt Wheeler, 33°

If you’d like to donate to the Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation, you may do so here.