To honor the contributions of those who commit themselves to supporting the development of our Masonic youth, the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction created a Youth Advisor of the Year award. This year’s Youth Advisor of the Year award was presented to Crissy Willeke at Scottish Rite, NMJ’s Annual Session in Cleveland, Ohio.

Crissy serves as an Executive Committee Member of Ohio Grand Assembly and is Grand Deputy of District 6 for Ohio Rainbow. “Mom” Willeke also serves as Chapter Advisor for DeMolay International in the Mount Vernon/Johnstown area in Ohio.

To be eligible for this award, one must be a recognized Advisor of DeMolay International, Job’s Daughters International, The International Order of Rainbow for Girls, or The Organization of Triangles, Inc. (New York only) from one of the 15 states of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. One Advisor may be nominated by the adult head of their respective organization within their state.

Crissy was nominated by Whitney Poma, Supreme Deputy of Ohio for the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. Poma said Crissy’s commitment to Rainbow has been unwavering for more than 30 years, from the time Crissy was an active Rainbow girl herself.

“She served as Grand Worthy Advisor in 1990 – an incredible feat that speaks to her service to Rainbow back when we had thousands of members. I met Crissy during my time as an active Rainbow girl – around the age of 14, after which I was quick to categorize her as a role model. I know that my personal adoration and respect for Crissy as an active Rainbow girl is similar to hundreds of other girls who have met her in their Rainbow journeys, too,” Poma said.

In addition to her commitment to Rainbow, Crissy devotes much of her time to DeMolay International. She is married to a Senior DeMolay and is a mom to three accomplished young men – one senior DeMolay and 2 active DeMolay members, with her son Logan currently serving as State Master Councilor.

“Crissy’s capacity to serve is endless and only fueled by her insatiable love for her Masonic family and desire to give back to an organization that has given so much to her. Her passion inspires others to do the same – both peers and girls,” Poma said.