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What resources are available to members to learn more about the degrees?

The Scottish Rite is committed to helping members continue their Masonic journey of self-improvement. We provide a suite of member-focused programming and resources to help members gain more knowledge and insight into the Craft and the 29 Scottish Rite degrees.

Degree Resources:

  • Explore the degree pages on our website to learn more about the storyline, philosophy, core values, and history of each degree.

  • Thursday Night at the Rite is a series of virtual events where members receive degree together online and often share discussions about the teachings of the degree.

  • The Hauts Grades Academy is the Scottish Rite, NMJ’s premier educational program for members wishing to delve deeper into the ritual, history, and philosophy of the degrees.

  • The 1783 Francken Manuscript is the earliest English-language version of the Scottish Rite degrees. The Francken Manuscript documents the 4th through 25th degrees as they were written in the 18th century, providing insight into the origins of today’s Scottish Rite degrees. The Supreme Council and the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library own the original manuscript and have published a sanctioned, annotated edition available for purchase.

  • The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library has the most comprehensive collection of material related to the Scottish Rite degree rituals of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. This collection includes printed degree rituals, manuscript rituals, musical accompaniments for the degrees, and a selection of secondary sources about the development of the rituals over time. See the Museum & Library blog for additional scholarship relating to our degrees.

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