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What are the benefits of being a 32nd Degree Freemason™?

32nd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasonry™ is one of the most innovative and member-focused bodies in Freemasonry, offering a vast range of benefits to members. These benefits include:

  • Further light in Masonry as you journey through the Scottish Rite degrees, from the 4th degree to the 32nd degree.
  • Member-only livestreams, including online degree presentations and regular programming with Scottish Rite leaders and Brothers to keep you connected.
  • Expanded fraternal network of Masons in each of the more than 100 Valleys in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Forge lifelong bonds with more Brothers through exclusive Scottish Rite events, such as Reunions, webinars, charity fundraisers, and more.
  • Opportunity to get involved with the Scottish Rite Charities and make a difference in the lives of Brother Masons, their families, and our communities. Learn more about the transformative impact of each of our charities: the Grand Almoner's Fund, Abbott Scholarship Fund, Children's Dyslexia Centers, Membership Education Fund, and the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library.
  • Premium website content for members only, including our Masonic Marketing Series and Leadership Resource Center. These resources will help you develop your leadership skills, learn what’s working for other Masons across the jurisdiction, and plan effective programming for your Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite Valley.
  • Access to Hauts Grades Academy, a challenging curriculum that provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the study of all 32 degrees. Student testimonials [link] cite finding greater enlightenment and meaning from our Masonic teachings through the course.
  • Access to Pathfinder, our member-exclusive program that helps Scottish Rite Masons uncover the "Journey of a Lifetime" through participation in a multitude of activities across all facets of our fraternity.

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