Giving Tuesday Giveaways

As a thank you for your support of this year's 5th Annual Giving Tuesday telethon, anyone contributing $250 or more to our charities will receive a special gift as a small token of our appreciation.

Children's Dyslexia Centers Giveaway

This year, those donating $250 or more to our CDC will receive a pecial gift set. Each donor will receive a CDC branded hat and scarf to help stay warm this winter.

Scottish Rite Charities Giveaway

Those donating $250 or more to our other Scottish Rite Charities will receive a Masonic branded square and compasses cuff link and tie tack set.


Sponsorships as of 11/28/22. We recognize you and offer our tremendous gratitude.

American Fundraising Foundation

Valley of Augusta

Valley of Bloomington

Valley of Buffalo


Valley of Chicago

Valley of Bridgeport

Valley of Hartford

Valley of New Haven

Valley of Norwich

Valley of Waterbury

The Family Crest Catering

Valley of The Hudson

New Hampshire Consistory

Valley of Michigan

Millcreek Advisors

Morgan & Morgan, PC

G. Michael Morris, 33°

Valley of Philadelphia

Valley of Pittsburgh

Valley of Portsmouth-Dover

Valley of Rochester

Jim Ross, 33°, and Gerry Ross

Sigma Bodies/Schenectady & Commander Peter J. Samiec

Fort Wayne Benevolent Fund

Valley of Milwaukee

Online Donors

Thank you to our incredibly generous and creative online and silent auction supporters!

2023 Teddy Bear Classic Committee

American Fundraising Foundation



Jane Beaumont

Booty, Lily, Murph

Cricket Flowers

Donna Broderick

The Boston Red Sox

The Family Crest Catering, Inc.

Hotel Commonwealth

David LaPlante

Tricia Marchese

John Brian McNaughton, 33°

Charlotte Neugebauer


Daniel Quattrocchi

PJ Roup, 33°, and The Northern Light Archives

The Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

The Scottish Rite Charities Team

Sovereign Grand Commander Peter J. Samiec

David Sharkis, 33°, and Cheryl Sharkis

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