We did it!

A very huge thank you to everyone who donated, shared and supported our first ever Giving Tuesday Live Telethon! Without a doubt, this was a very exciting success and we are very proud of our members and supporters for acting on the call and helping us reach our goal and more!

Didn't get a chance to watch the live telethon? No problem! You can watch the entire thing below!

Giving Tuesday Telethon 2018

A Global Day of Giving!

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and our collaboration.

We are asking for your support! Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving; you know Black Friday, you know Cyber Monday, this is Giving Tuesday and kicks off the charitable season where you could give a bit of your treasure to support our Scottish Rite Charities.

All of our Scottish Rite Charities are being supported on Giving Tuesday: the Scottish Rite Grand Almoner’s Fund, the Children’s Dyslexia Centers, our Masonic Museum & Library, and the Leon M. Abbott Scholarship Fund.

Click the button above to share one of our awesome Social Images and let the world know you are supporting our Scottish Rite Charities on this Giving Tuesday.

Scottish Rite Live Interviews

Live Interviews

Tune in for live interviews with the Sovereign Grand Commander, David A. Glattly, team members from our Children's Dyslexia Centers, Masonic Museum & Library and many, many more! 

Live Entertainment

Musician & Brother Joey Dougherty will be on site to share some of his talents with us!

Live Entertainment from Brother Joey Dougherty
Scottish Rite gift

A Gift for you

As a special thank-you to anyone who contributes to the goal for the two hours, we will be giving you a gift. See the gifts below

50 Pack Christmas Cards

Scottish Rite Christmas Cards

Donate a minimum of $100 between 7:00 - 7:40 PM and receive a limited-edition 50-pack of Scottish Rite Christmas Cards!

Scottish Rite Tie Case

Scottish Rite tie case

Donate a minimum of $100 between 7:40 - 8:20 PM and receive a Scottish Rite tiecase for your travels!

Scottish Rite Shirt

Scottish Rite long sleeve shirt

Donate a minimum of $200 and receive a Scottish Rite long sleeve shirt for those cold winter days!

At any point throughout Giving Tuesday, if you donate $500 or more to one of our Scottish Rite Charities, you will receive all three gifts!

Scottish Rite double headed eagle

Evening Schedule

Tune in throughout the evening for special updates and announcements from our team! Times are subject to change depending on our schedule.

7 PM Giving Tuesday Telethon Kickoff
7 - 7:40 PM Get a 50-pack of Christmas Cards with a donation of $100 or more!
7:20 PM A Word from our Children's Dyslexia Center Team
7:40 PM Grand Almoner Section
7:40 - 8:20 PM Get a Scottish Rite custom Tie Case with a donation of $100 or more!
8:00 PM Abbott Scholarship Section
8:20 PM - 9:00 PM Get a Russell Brand Shirt with the Scottish Rite Emblem
8:25 PM Masonic Museum & Library
8:35 PM Live Entertainment with Joey Dougherty
8:55 PM A word from Sovereign Grand Commander, David A. Glattly