Journey On is the campaign for Scottish Rite. It speaks to our growth as men and as Masons guided by the tenets of our Craft and the Scottish Rite’s six Core Values. We created this campaign to help Valleys and members share their pride in our fraternity and let Master Masons learn of what Scottish Rite has to offer.

You may access seven professionally produced videos, a full print campaign, and other assets for your web/social media outreach. This campaign can be used as-is, or it can be customized with your specific call-to-action or url. For customizations, please use this form. If you need help or have questions, please call us at 781-465-3316. To have materials printed, please visit

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Twitter Ad Series

Tolerance TW Ad 1920x1080
Reverence TW Ad 1920x1080
Justice TW Ad 1920x1080
Integrity TW Ad 1920x1080
Humanity TW Ad 1920x1080
Devotion TW Ad 1920x1080
Heart TW Ad 1920x1080
Find TW Ad 1920x1080
Corevalues TW Ad 1920x1080
Give TW Ad 1920x1080
Here TW Ad 1920x1080
JO Headline01 TW Ad 1920x1080
JO Headline02 TW Ad 1920x1080
JO Headline03 TW Ad 1920x1080
Heart2 TW Ad 1920x1080
Point TW Ad 1920x1080
SRJO 1920x1080 1
SRJO 1920x1080 2
SRJO 1920x1080 3
SRJO 1920x1080 4
SRJO 1920x1080 5
JO Gold01 TW Ad 1920x1080
JO Headline04 TW Ad 1920x1080
JO Headline05 TW Ad 1920x1080

Twitter Cover Series

Tolerance Tw Cover 1500x500
Reverence Tw Cover 1500x500
Justice Tw Cover 1500x500
Integrity Tw Cover 1500x500
Humanity Tw Cover 1500x500
Devotion Tw Cover 1500x500
Heart TW Cover 1500x500
Find TW Cover 1500x500
JO Headline01 TW Cover 1500x500
JO Headline02 TW Cover 1500x500
JO Headline03 TW Cover 1500x500
Corevalues Tw Cover 1500x500
Give Tw Cover 1500x500
Here Tw Cover 1500x500
Heart2 TW Cover 1500x500
Point Tw Cover 1500x500
SRJO 1500x500 1
SRJO 1500x500 2
SRJO 1500x500 3
JO Gold01 TW Cover 1500x500
JO Headline04 TW Cover 1500x500
JO Headline05 TW Cover 1500x500
SRJO 1500x500 4
SRJO 1500x500 5

Twitter Post Series

Tolerance TW Post 1200x675
Reverence TW Post 1200x675
Justice TW Post 1200x675
Integrity TW Post 1200x675
Humanity TW Post 1200x675
Devotion TW Post 1200x675
Heart TW Post 1200x675
Find TW Post 1200x675
Corevalues TW Post 1200x675
Give TW Post 1200x675
Here TW Post 1200x675
Heart2 TW Post 1200x675
Point TW Post 1200x675
JO Headline03 TW Post 1200x675
JO Headline02 TW Post 1200x675
JO Headline01 TW Post 1200x675
SRJO 1200x675 1
SRJO 1200x675 2
SRJO 1200x675 3
SRJO 1200x675 4
SRJO 1200x675 5
JO Gold01 TW Post 1200x675
JO Headline04 TW Post 1200x675
JO Headline05 TW Post 1200x675