Enhancing The Scottish Rite Experience

Any traveling man of 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry knows there is nothing quite like making the journey to witness a new degree. Of course, traveling to observe degrees requires time and financial investment that some brethren just cannot manage -- sometimes preventing Master Masons from joining the Scottish Rite in the first place.

Scottish Rite, NMJ hopes to make those hurdles a thing of the past with our new Rite on the Road kits. Designed to bring the Scottish Rite experience closer to home, Rite on the Road provides Valley officers with the tools necessary to initiate members anytime and almost anywhere, while ensuring proper protocols are still followed.

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Rite on the Road Kit

Scottish Rite, NMJ Valleys have each received a Rite on the Road kit, which includes:

  • A lightweight projector to show degrees and informational videos on Scottish Rite on most any wall or large screen
  • A secure, password-protected hard drive with video assets, from the 4° to the new 17°, to our “Not Just a Man. A Mason.” series
  • Guidelines and a script to ensure rituals are being properly conferred (to be administered by a Valley’s presiding officer, or his designee)

What to learn more about this program and it's benefits? Check out our Rite on the Road - Blog Post

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4th Degree Kit

Rite on the Road - 4th Degree Kit

Thoughtfully developed with our members and candidates in mind, the 4th Degree Kit furnishes informative guidelines and strategies for success. Packed with helpful tips, suggestions, and procedural outlines, this kit will ensure your valley has the necessary tools to provide the best possible Scottish Rite Experience.

If you would like to download our Rite on the Road 4th Degree Kit, you can do so in the Leadership Resource Center. You can also check our Best Practices article on 5 Quick Tips - Welcoming A New Brother.