Supporting our Masonic Family

The White Flower Society is a fund dedicated to helping Masonic widows in need. Women form strong bonds of friendship and support through Freemasonry, and this fund will assist those who are particularly vulnerable and in need of support.

Your Gift Means the World

As a thank you for contributing or pledging $5,000 to the fund, you will receive a White Flower Brooch and Lapel Pin to remind you of that unbreakable bond of support we share.

The White Flower Society was developed through the vision and inspiration of First Lady, Monica Glatty. The White Flower is symbolic of a DeMolay International public ceremony, the Flower Talk. The Flower Talk, which is a ceremony performed by the members of the organization, teaches and reassures the young men of the organization the message that a mother's love is something that cannot be repaid, but filial love and a respect for your mother should be repaid through love, support and a helping hand.

"It is our sincere hope that the widows of our members remember the most important thing; you are not forgotten. You have been and will always be a part of our Masonic Family and we are here for you."

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Monica Glattly