By Ill. Mohamad A. Yatim 33° MSA, HGA Hauts Grades Academy Advisory Board

Men at a Freemasonry study session
HGA Academy Study Session at the Valley of Northern New Jersey

The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite has often been referred to as the College of Freemasonry. On August 17, 2021, the Valley of Northern New Jersey was turned into a college campus study hall. Thanks to S.P. Michael S. Neuberger 32° HGA, S.P. Michael Czech 32° HGA, and (soon to be coronated 33° at the Annual Session in August 2021) S.P. Raymond Ortiz II, 32° HGA, a study group was formed to help brethren at various stages of Supreme Council’s premier education program the “Hauts Grades Academy”.

All three, being graduates of the program, worked with eight students to guide them through the various levels of HGA. Some brethren kicked off their HGA level 1 journey, others needed help with their level two essays, and some discussed formulating ideas for their level 3 papers. At all levels, it was an evening of camaraderie and light, discussing the Scottish Rite core values and what they mean to us today, and how we apply them in our daily lives. And of course, like a typical college campus, the group shared some pizza and a few laughs too.

The study session ended three hours later, and was such a huge success, the parting words from every student was to ask when we would have the next session. The HGA advisory board highly encourages other Valleys to try out similar group study sessions. It built camaraderie, fellowship, education, and above all else, a strong bond between brothers helping brothers.