Becoming a 32° Scottish Rite Mason is a commitment to self-improvement, a promise to oneself to use the light of our Craft to become a better man and Mason. This fall, you have the opportunity to continue your Masonic education and quest for self-improvement through our newest member program, Pathfinder.

Through the “Mile Markers” found in your Guide Book, Pathfinder aims to equip you with the experience and knowledge needed to seek more light. We invite you to explore our top five ways you can continue your Masonic education this fall through Pathfinder.

What are Mile Markers in Pathfinder?

In order to complete Pathfinder, members must complete 32 activities, or Mile Markers, across five categories, or “Waypoints,” ranging from Service & Philanthropy to Valley Life. These Mile Markers include everything from attending events and completing tasks, to self-reflection and suggested reading.

Just as our fraternity is ever-evolving, new Mile Markers are added on a regular basis to help you stay up to date on what’s happening in the Scottish Rite, NMJ and continue your Masonic journey regardless of how long you’ve been a 32° Mason or if you’ve completed Pathfinder once or even twice before.

You can find a list of all Mile Markers and the requirements to complete each one in the Pathfinder Guide Book.

Five Mile Markers to Check Off this Fall to Continue Your Masonic Education

1. PF-Org_016: What are the official caps worn within the Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction? What are their colors and what do they represent?

The Scottish Rite caps are an important piece of symbolic regalia that every 32 Mason should know. Collect research and write your findings down in your Field Book and don’t forget to update your progress in the Member Center!

Our blog on Scottish Rite caps can help jumpstart your search, though we recommend asking your Valley leaders the role Caps hold amongst your closest Brethren.

Masonic Scottish Rite 32nd Degree Cap Worn by Ill. Brother Sidney R. Baxter, 33˚, 1970-1990.

2. PF-SI_008: Earn five new stamps in your degree passport.

There is arguably no better way to further your Masonic education than by witnessing one of our 29 Scottish Rite degrees. With Reunion season in full swing during the fall months, now is the perfect time to pursue more light through the degrees. Scottish Rite Reunions not only provide a chance to meet local Brothers, but are often an opportunity to witness multiple degrees in a single day or weekend.

Click here to find upcoming Reunions or degree dates near you.

A Reunion at the Scottish Rite Valley of Rockville Centre

3. PF-VL_002: Contact your valley and volunteer to make a minimum of 10 retention calls. Ask how we might improve upon the Scottish Rite experience and share this information, along with any other concerns, with your retention team.

A newly added Mile Marker this Fall, completing this task will enrich your Masonic education by reminding you of the “why” behind our fraternity. Upholding our vision of “creating better men, in a better world” requires our Brethren to be actively engaged not just with their own Masonic journey, but in supporting their Brothers on their own quest as well.

Volunteer to assist with retention calls this fall and help other Brothers find deeper meaning in their Scottish Rite experience. The result? Strengthened bonds of Brotherhood for the benefit of all.

4. PF-EP_011: Read an essay from an HGA Scholar. Reflect on what you found interesting/informative about the essay.

The Hauts Grades Academy (HGA) is the Scottish Rite, NMJ’s premier educational program. Graduates of HGA have completed a rigorous curriculum and in-depth study of our degrees, surely offering a new lesson or perspective fellow Brethren can learn from.

You can read a selection of essays from our HGA scholars here.

5. PF-SP_003: Organize or participate in a food delivery service for elderly members and widows.

A key part of every Brother’s Masonic journey is the willingness to strive to live by our six Core Values. Service to Humanity is one of the Core Values the Scottish Rite, NMJ holds dear for its ability to inspire men and give back to mankind.

As the holiday season nears, we ask members to continue to work on their rough ashlar by thinking of fellow Brethren and our extended Masonic family who may be spending time alone or struggling to get their needs met independently. Rally your local Brothers and put our Core Values into practice!

One of the six Core Values of Scottish Rite Freemasonry is Service to Humanity.

We hope that this blog inspires you to continue your Masonic education through Pathfinder this Fall. For more information on Pathfinder and how to get started, click here.