As if coming out of hibernation after a challenging 2021, Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction’s membership year emerged anew and kicked into high gear, with new programming, fresh ideas, and revived in-person connections.

This membership year (June 16 2021-June 15,2022), 2,184 new initiates joined our ranks, an increase over the number of new members we welcomed last year. Among our 97 Valleys, 59 of those Valleys also brought in more new members this year than they did the previous year.

Online and In-Person Joining Opportunities

Membership growth can be attributed to a combination of Valleys having the ability to reopen and host events with fewer restrictions associated with the pandemic, as well as hosting new Brothers online at our “Join the Rite Night.” Join the Rite Nights took place just before each Thursday Night at the Rite, and allowed new members to witness the 4th degree, followed by the featured degree and discussion.

Brother Michael Seevers, who is a long-haul truck driver, said being able to connect through Join the Rite Night/Thursday Night at the Rite was such a blessing.

“I really enjoy it and really appreciate it. It’s a great way out here to connect while being on the road. It really connects the whole Jurisdiction,” he said.

Members Restoration and Engagement

In February 2022, Supreme Council launched a newly branded website and marketing campaign known as “Journey On,” in addition to accompanying digital assets and resources. Then, leveraging a combination of technology and direct mail, Supreme Council launched Pathfinder, an extension of “Journey On” which enables Brothers to expand upon the member experience and continue their journey through Scottish Rite.

These efforts, in addition to several direct mail and email campaigns, directly contributed to Supreme Council welcoming back more than 1,100 Brothers, a member restoration number that is close to double that of the previous year.

Valleys of Excellence

During its inaugural 2020-2021 membership year, a total of 19 Valleys achieved Valley of Excellence status. This year, among a total of 97 Valleys, 45 accomplished this feat, with seven Valleys achieving a score of 100%, and 15 Valleys repeating.

“It is both rewarding and inspiring to see the number of Valleys who achieved Valley of Excellence status this year,” said Bob Kefalas, 32°, Assistant Director of Valley Relations. “You truly embody our vision of fulfilling our Masonic obligation to care for our members.”

This year, all Valleys of Excellence also deployed “Rite on the Road” to introduce Brothers to Scottish Rite, which enabled Valley officers to initiate members anytime, and almost anywhere, with proper protocols still in place.

“The jurisdiction could not have achieved these membership milestones without the support of each and every one of you,” said George T. Taylor, IV, 32°, Senior Director of Member Services and Programs. “Thank you, Brethren, from the bottom of our hearts, keep up the great work and continue to share the Scottish Rite Experience.”

Scottish Rite, NMJ by the Numbers
June 16, 2021 - June 15, 2022

  • 2,184 new members joined our ranks outpacing last year
  • 59 of 97 Valleys brought in more new members this year over last
  • 1,100 Brothers restored their membership, doubling the restoration rate of the previous year
  • 45 Valleys achieved Valley of Excellence status

The 2021-2022 Valleys of Excellence are:

* = Achieved a score of 100% + = Achieved VOE for 2 consecutive years

  1. Evansville (IN)*
  2. Rockville Centre (NY)*+
  3. Toledo (OH)*+
  4. Dayton (OH)*+
  5. Canton (OH)*
  6. Steubenville (OH)*
  7. The Firelands (OH)*+
  8. Reading (PA)
  9. Allentown (PA)
  10. The Hudson (NY)+
  11. Chicago (IL)+
  12. Erie (PA)
  13. Columbus (OH)+
  14. South Bend (IN)+
  15. Philadelphia (PA)
  16. Michigan (MI)
  17. Youngstown (OH)
  18. Uniontown (PA)
  19. Akron (OH)
  20. Syracuse (NY)
  21. Southern Illinois (IL)
  22. Bangor (ME)
  23. George Rogers Clark (IN)+
  24. Bridgeport (CT)+
  25. Wilmington (DE)
  26. Rochester (NY)+
  27. Southern New Jersey (NJ)
  28. Boston (MA)
  29. Coudersport (PA)
  30. Cleveland (OH)
  31. Indianapolis (IN)
  32. The Merrimack (MA)
  33. Danville (IL)
  34. Peoria (IL)
  35. Schenectady (NY)+
  36. Providence (RI)
  37. Scranton (PA)
  38. Northern New Jersey (NJ)+
  39. Harrisburg (PA)+
  40. Pittsburgh (PA)
  41. Springfield (IL)+
  42. Terre Haute (IN)
  43. Fort Wayne (IN)
  44. New York City (NY)
  45. Lowell (MA)