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Our second season of Virtual Reunions sparked joy and pride amongst members while also welcoming new men into the craft.

When the pandemic first struck in the spring of 2020, disappointment set in at the realization that our prized tradition of Reunions may not be possible to safely proceed with. Heartbroken, the staff at the Scottish Rite, NMJ Supreme Council headquarters quickly went to work to devise a new type of Reunion, one that would safely bring members and candidates together to celebrate our brotherhood while continuing our work towards self-improvement through the degrees.

Soon enough, the idea of hosting Virtual Reunions was proposed and our team has been meticulously ironing out every detail since. This May, we proudly hosted our second season of Virtual Reunions!

Brother Justin Fleming attends Scottish Rite Virtual Reunion
Brother Justin Fleming, 32°, from the Valley of Milwaukee tuning into the Virtual Reunion

Over a series of two events featuring five unique degrees, over 1,300 Brothers tuned in to witness our cinematic productions and help us welcome over 100 new members into the fraternity!

Brother Rikk Manning attends Scottish Rite Virtual Reunion
Brother Rikk Manning, 32°, from the Valley of Michigan, watches one of our cinematic degree productions

Like our fall Virtual Reunions, members and candidates also had the opportunity for brotherly bonding through educational sessions and member engagement, chatting about the degrees and their response throughout the event.

"I love these Virtual Degrees. I feel the Love and Brotherhood of this Fraternity.” - Brother William Starks, 32°

This was a wonderful day of amazing education and performance. Thank you very much.” - Brother Rick Scheiner, 32°

We should all be humbled by the dedication of our presenting brothers and the high caliber of their degree work. Kudos to all involved." - Brother Alan Sisson, 32°

"This makes me proud to be a Mason and a Scottish Rite member. I was truly inspired by this Reunion." - Brother Robert Glasgow, 32°

As someone who has worked in television production for many years, I find the Scottish Rite productions to be outstanding. The sets, costumes, acting and lighting are superb." – Brother Clifford Thomas Jacobs, 33°

Our second season of Virtual Reunions was well received, with Brothers from across the jurisdiction tuning in to share their excitement and appreciation.

Brother Dave Pritt attends Scottish Rite Virtual Reunion
Brother Dave Pritt, 32°, from the Valley of Syracuse shares his excitement for Virtual Reunions during a presentation from Supreme Council

Our collective efforts have indeed paid off. Our Virtual Reunions have been extremely successful and a driving factor in our welcoming more than 2,000 new members into the Scottish Rite this year!

At the Scottish Rite, NMJ, our vision has always been to be a fraternity that cares for our members. We strive each and every day to provide an exceptional membership experience and are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide education, support, and community to our brethren. Virtual Reunions are just the beginning of our journey towards making the Scottish Rite, NMJ the authority for Masonic education and engagement - stay tuned!

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