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The Journey of a Lifetime


What is Pathfinder?

Your journey and search for Masonic light began in the Blue Lodge. After you were raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason, the world of Freemasonry opened wide, providing many additional paths to pursue and explore. The Scottish Rite, NMJ extends the opportunity to journey to further light in Masonry through its twenty-nine degrees from the 4° through the 32°.

To help Scottish Rite, NMJ Brethren continue their quest for self-improvement, the Supreme Council offers you the Pathfinder Program.

Discover Your Richest Membership Experience
Through participating in various activities and exploring the resources of the Scottish Rite, Pathfinder serves as a guide for 32° Scottish Rite Masons to uncover the road that best serves their needs and interests. A multitude of activities called Mile Markers lead you to discover the experiences, knowledge, and lifelong friendships that help you become the best version of the man you know you can be.

Whether you are a newly initiated 32° Scottish Rite Mason or have been a member for decades, there are many paths forward. Let Pathfinder help you find yours.

Pathfinder Orientation

Join us every 2nd Wednesday at 7pm ET for our Pathfinder Orientation, where we provide an online overview of the Pathfinder Program and answer any questions you might have. Please visit the Pathfinder Dashboard in Member Center for more information.

Ask a Pathfinder Advisor!

If you need additional information or have further questions about the Pathfinder Program, we encourage you to contact your state Pathfinder Advisor via the directory. These Brothers from around the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction can provide you direct support and answer any questions you may have.

pathfinder field book cover

Pathfinder Field Book & Guide Book

When you are initiated as a 32° Scottish Rite, NMJ Brother, you will receive a Pathfinder Field Book. This Field Book provides the space for you to document your journey through the Scottish Rite and can serve as a keepsake of your experience.

Download Field Book Kit

Inside the cover of your Field Book is a QR code for you to obtain the Pathfinder Guide Book, an accompanying text that provides an overview of the Pathfinder program along with sections detailing each of the Waypoints and their respective Mile Markers.

Download Guide Book 

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Waypoints and Mile Markers

The Pathfinder program is intended to help acquaint you with the Scottish Rite, NMJ through participation and completion of a variety of activities across all areas of our fraternity. We refer to these activities as “Mile Markers.” To complete Pathfinder, you must complete thirty-two Mile Markers, across five categories, or what we call “Waypoints.”

Each Waypoint represents a different but equally important facet of our fraternity. The five Waypoints of the Pathfinder program are outlined below:

  • Organization
  • Self-Improvement
  • Valley Life
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Service & Philanthropy
Path Finder Box


Upon completion of the Pathfinder program, members will have participated in most, if not all, facets of the Scottish Rite, NMJ. The Waypoints and Mile Markers in Pathfinder equip Brethren with the experience and knowledge they need to thrive as a 32° Scottish Rite Freemason.

With countless Mile Markers to choose from, members are invited to complete the Pathfinder program multiple times and explore different routes through the Scottish Rite. You’re bound to discover something new about the Scottish Rite, your Valley, and yourself each time!

As a celebration of their continued Scottish Rite journey, members will receive an awards box upon the successful completion of the Pathfinder program.

Download Guide

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