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The Journey of a Lifetime

Pathfinder FAQ

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions for the Pathfinder Program. We recommend that you download/print a copy of the Guide Book for the complete program overview, essential gear, and much more!

Q001: What advice can you give me as I start the Pathfinder Program?

Take your time and don’t rush the process. Pathfinder is more about the journey rather than the destination. It is a reminder to enjoy, learn, and grow from the experience. If you are having difficulty completing a Mile Marker, talk to a Brother in your Valley. Collaborate and engage with one another.

Q002: Do I get credit for Mile Markers that I have completed prior to the launch of the Pathfinder Program?

No, progress towards the completion of Mile Markers in the Pathfinder Program starts on April 19, 2022.

Q003: How can I obtain a new or replacement Field Book? What is the cost?

To obtain a new or replacement Field Book, you may request one directly from your Valley Secretary or you can submit a Pathfinder Program help ticket in the Member Center.

In the spirit of the Pathfinder Program and our Core Values, the replacement “cost” for a Field Book will be for you to perform a good deed that you feel exemplifies our Core Value, “Service to Humanity”. There are no guidelines, deadlines, or reporting requirements for this action. It is intended entirely as a mindful opportunity to exemplify two of our Core Values: “Integrity” and “Service to Humanity”.

Q004: If I am unsure how to complete a Mile Marker what should I do?

The best thing you can do to work through a Mile Marker is to speak with a knowledgeable Brother in your Valley. The Pathfinder Program encourages problem-solving through interpersonal engagement. If you have exhausted all other available resources, additional support options are available in Member Center to help get you pointed in the right direction.

Q005: What do I need to do to complete the Pathfinder Program?

To successfully complete the Pathfinder Program, you will need to complete six Mile Markers within each of the five Waypoints and then choose any two additional Mile Markers for a total of thirty-two completed Mile Markers. These must be updated in your Field Book and in the Pathfinder section of the Member Center to receive the Member Center achievement badge. For additional information, please see the Updating Member Center section of the Guide Book.

Q006: Can I complete the Pathfinder Program more than once?

Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of times you can complete the Pathfinder Program. It was designed to provide the opportunity for a unique experience similar to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story.

Q007: I have a great idea for Pathfinder, how can I share this information?

When you receive your Pathfinder Award Box, there will be a URL/QR code that you can visit to learn about additional opportunities, provide feedback, and share your ideas!

Q008: How often will the Guide Book be updated?

The Guide Book will be updated on a regular basis to include any new or modified Mile Markers. Please visit the Pathfinder landing page or Pathfinder section of Member Center to see the date and version of the current release. You can then download the latest version. You will also notice that in Member Center, new Mile Markers will indicate that they have been recently added.

Q009: What challenges await those that have completed the Pathfinder Program?

For those that have completed the Pathfinder Program, we will be releasing some advanced Pathfinder content in a future release with more complex and challenging Mile Markers.

Q010: Is there Pathfinder apparel available?

Pathfinder apparel will be available in the near future for those that want to show their support for the program!

Q011: Do Waypoints and Mile Makers need to be completed in order?

No. You are free to pick and choose from any of the Waypoints/Mile Markers and can complete them in any order you so choose.

Q012: Can I work on more than one Mile Marker at the same time?

Absolutely! There are no limitations on the number of Mile Markers or Waypoints that you are able to have in progress at any given time.

Q013: How can I see what changes and updates have been made to the most recent version of the Guide Book?

To see the most recent changes and updates to the Pathfinder Guide Book, you can visit the changelog page on the Scottish Rite, NMJ website!

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