Lodge of Perfection Degrees

the logo for the Lodge of Perfection, an appendant body of the Scottish Rite, NMJ

The Lodge of Perfection is where a Scottish Rite Mason’s journey begins. This body confers the 4th through the 14th degrees. These degrees investigate and contemplate spirituality, and also amplify the Hiramic Legend and lessons from the Biblical era.

The Lodge of Perfection degrees are often referred to as “ineffable” degrees because they focus on the ineffable, or unutterable, name of God. Members will also see many references back to the three symbolic degrees of the Blue Lodge. The degrees in this first body are meant to amplify the core Masonic teachings and apply them to practical, everyday situations.

The name of the Lodge of Perfection refers to the belief of Scottish Rite Masons that while they know they are not perfect, there is a path to perfection. One of the key moral teachings in this body is that men must persevere and overcome difficulties in their progress toward perfection.

4th Degree – Builder

A Master Mason seeks divine guidance. Philosophy: Brothers grow together in Scottish Rite. Core Values: Reverence for God, Integrity, & Service to Humanity

5th Degree – Perfect Master

Two sons of Aaron, corrupted by greed and ambition, allow the sacred flame to extinguish. Philosophy: Trustworthiness is more valuable than life and is the basis for Masonic honor. Core Values: Reverence for God, Justice & Integrity

6th Degree - Master of the Brazen Serpent

When the children of Israel encounter a rough and dangerous journey through the desert, they rebel against Moses and God. Philosophy: The answer to the spiritual problems of mankind is faith in ourselves and in God. Core Values: Reverence for God

7th Degree - Provost and Judge

A dispute among the workmen where honesty and justice prevail. Philosophy: We should render justice to all mankind. Core Values: Justice & Integrity

8th Degree - Intendant of the Building

Based on the Old Testament story of King David and his assignment to his son, the future King Solomon. Philosophy: The degree reminds us that each honor we receive requires attention to a particular duty. Core Values: Service to Humanity, Integrity, & Reverence for God

9th Degree - Master of the Temple

The Temple of King Solomon is dedicated by priests of many religions. Philosophy: We should not be too zealous in executing justice. Core Values: Reverence for God & Service to Humanity

10th Degree - Master Elect

King Solomon learns of his sentence from which there is no appeal. Philosophy: The violator of his obligations to God will not go unpunished. Core Values: Reverence for God & Justice

11th Degree - Sublime Master Elected

King Solomon's tax collector violates the public trust. Philosophy: When confronted by corrupt, tyrannical, or illegal behavior on the part of a person in authority, the nation should remain loyal and courageous. Core Values: Integrity

12th Degree - Master of Mercy

Joseph forgives his brothers for selling him into slavery. Philosophy: We are taught forgiveness, compassion, and Brotherly love. Core Values: Justice & Integrity

13th Degree - Master of the Ninth Arch

The degree dramatizes the dangers encountered as men search for the lost word. Philosophy: We are reminded that difficulties and dangers should not deter us from pursuing moral perfection. Core Values: Reverence for God

14th Degree - Grand Elect Mason

The essence of Symbolic Masonry is compiled in lessons of the Lodge of Perfection. Philosophy: Members are encouraged to worship God at the altar of their choice. Core Values: Reverence for God