Indiana Council of Deliberation

Rodney A. Mann, 33°

650 N Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

+1 317-262-3111

[email protected]

Indiana Grand Lodge

PO Box 44210 525 N Illinois St
Indianapolis, IN 46244

+1 317-634-7904

[email protected]

Valleys of Indiana

State Leadership


  • Ill. Keith Hoskins, 33° - Deputy
  • Ill. Gregory N. Jordan, 33° - Active
  • Ill. Paul C. St Pierre, 33° - Active
  • Ill. J. Brian McNaughton, 33° - Active
  • Ill. Eric S. Pittman, 33° - Active

Deputy's Representatives

  • Ill. Rick A. Cory, 33° - Evansville
  • Ill. Ronald L. Buskirk, 33° - Ft. Wayne
  • Ill. Carl L. Whitman, 33° - George Rogers Clark
  • Ill. Thomas A. Fallis, 33° - Indianapolis
  • Ill. Steven S. Herendeen, 33° - South Bend
  • Ill. Paul W. Burns, 33° - Terre Haute

Indiana COD Officers

  • Ill. Rodney Mann, 33° - Secretary
  • Ill. Gary E. Brinley, 33° - Treasurer

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Indiana Council of Deliberation

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Thursday Night at the Rite Returns for Season 2!

On Thursday, January 7, Thursday Night at the Rite makes a triumphant return for Season 2! These will run biweekly and will have a similar look/feel as to last Spring. We encourage you to check the TNR schedule in the member center for updates and hope to see you there!

TNR Schedule

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