Vermont Council of Deliberation

William D. Brown, 33°

425 Baptist St.
Graniteville, VT 05654

+1 802-433-1024

[email protected]

Vermont Grand Lodge

49 E Rd
Barre, VT 05641

+1 802-223-1883

[email protected]

Valleys of Vermont

State Leadership


  • Ill. William Karstens IV 33° - Deputy
  • Ill. Donald G. Duquette, 33° - Active
  • Ill. William G Basso II 33° MSA - Active

Deputy's Representatives

  • Bro. Kenneth E. Curtis, 32°, MSA - Rutland
  • Bro. Barry R. Duquette, 32°, MSA - Central Vermont/Burlington
  • Bro. A. Stephen Farrington, 32°, MSA - Southern Vermont

COD Officers

  • Ill. Donald G. Duquette, 33° - Commander in Chief
  • Ill. William Karstens, IV, 33º - 1st Lt Commander
  • Ill William G. Basso II, 33°, MSA - 2nd Lt Commander
  • Ill. Richard K Backus, 33°, MSA - Minister of State
  • Ill. Graham Trudo, 33º, MSA - Chancellor
  • Ill. John A. Olezkiewicz, 33° - Prior
  • Ill. Thomas Johnston IV, 33º - Treasurer
  • Ill. William Brown, 33° - Secretary
  • Ill. A. Stephen Farrington, 33º - Master of Ceremonies
  • Ill. Barry Duquette, 33°, MSA - Hospitaler
  • Ill. Kenneth Curtis, 33°, MSA - Seneschal
  • Bro. Gary Bombard, 32º - Standard Bearer
  • Bro. Timothy Pinsonneault, 32º - Guard
  • Bro. David Schuler, 32º - Sentinel

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