Join us as we explore Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite, and our Path Forward. Our video library is a wonderful resource for those seeking to continue their Masonic journey and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of our history, Core Values, educational programs, livestreams and so much more!


Core Values: Justice
Core Values: Tolerance
Core Values: Reverence for God
Core Values: Integrity
Core Values: Service to Humanity
Core Values: Devotion to Country


Children's Dyslexia Centers: Tutoring Children Online During COVID 19 Shutdown
Behind the Scenes: Making of the 4°
Masonic Family Legacy: An Interview with Ill. Douglas R. Policastro, 33°
Nice Guys: Behind the Scenes
Ill. Sammy Lee Davis, 33°, Medal of Honor Recipient Interview
Defender of Peace and Freedom
Nice Guys - Not Just a Man. A Mason.
Freemasonry and the American Flag
Even Better -- Not Just a Man. A Mason
Our Vision
Our Core Values

Livestream Events

Celebrating Membership! A Tribute to Innovations and Successes in the NMJ
Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? Masonry and the True Meaning of Being a Man
How Fraternalism Transforms Character Livestream


Scottish Rite Museum & Library Honored by DeMolay International and DeMolay Paraguay
Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library: Gallery Tour and Library Behind-the-Scenes
The Scottish Rite Experience: The Valley of Steubenville


The Greatest Generation - Scottish Rite NMJ
Seeking Further Light


Three Stories
Dear Masons: Celebrating 25 Years of the Children's Dyslexia Centers
7.5 Billion
Give/Get -- The Grand Almoner's Fund
The Grand Almoner's Fund Commander's Circle
The White Flower Society
The Dyslexia Centers for Children Changes Lives: Gerry Sharpe, 33° and his Grandson Ryan
Scottish Rite Grand Almoner’s Kind Words