Hosting a Valley Picnic

R. Lawrence Hicks, 32°, MSA, shares the Valley of Philadelphia's experience hosting a picnic for Brethren, families, and candidates. Read more

Raising Visibility and Becoming a Strong Voice of Freemasonry: Q&A with the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin

Mike Burnham from the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin shares the comprehensive plan that increased their state’s number of prospective Freemasons. Read more

Member Retention & Strategy

Over the last few years, the Valley of Rockville Centre made member retention and recruitment a primary focus -- with great results. Read more

The Good Old Days? Maybe Not!

Thomas K. Sturgeon, 33°, describes the mindset and the changes that made the Valley of Pittsburgh one of the premier Valleys in the NMJ. Read more

The Scottish Rite Experience

Facing dwindling attendance and reunion cancellations, the Valley of Steubenville tried something different: "The Scottish Rite Experience." Read more