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The White Flower Society is a fund dedicated to helping Masonic widows in need.

A guest blog by former First Lady Monica Glattly

Throughout my time attending Scottish Rite events alongside former Sovereign Grand Commander Glattly, I was amazed by the supportive nature of the Masonic community. It's been a great joy in my life to meet the many amazing women who are part of that community and build deep, strong connections and friendships with them. I consider many of these women family, love them as such, and am inspired every day by their strength. In times of need, we always come together to lift each other up.

Never forgotten

Commander Glattly and I once were at a Scottish Rite event where I was enjoying the company of a group of ladies – some of whom were widows. At one point, the conversation turned to one of our friends who was experiencing financial difficulties since her husband passed. At that moment, I could feel that every woman in our group wanted to bring her comfort. That was the moment I realized we could help her through the Scottish Rite’s keystone charity, the Grand Almoner’s Fund.

That day, as we prepared to leave, one of the widows in our group hugged me and said, ‘Please don’t forget about us.’ Her sincere, touching request inspired this idea in me: The Scottish Rite and its community of women is defined by its charitable and supportive nature. So why not take the extra step to establish a fund designated specifically for Masonic widows?

To me, this seemed to be a natural extension of the mission to take care of one another. Thus, the White Flower Society was born, a charity exclusively dedicated to helping those who are often particularly vulnerable, our Masonic widows. A symbol to show them that they can always find support from the Scottish Rite community.

Why the ‘White Flower Society’?

Commander Glattly is intensely committed to the work of DeMolay International. I have always connected in particular with one of their public ceremonies, The Flower Talk. This ritual teaches our youngest Masonic Brothers that a mother’s love can be honored and returned through love, support, and a helping hand.

During this ceremony, boys whose mothers are living honor them with a red rose. Boys who have mothers who have passed choose white. The concept behind The White Flower Society was formed by coupling this concept from The Flower Talk with the request that we never forget our Masonic widows. The white forget-me-not flower emerged as the perfect symbol for the fund.

How to Join the White Flower Society

Membership in the White Flower Society reflects a $5,000 level of giving either as a one-time gift or a pledge over five years. The money in the fund is designated exclusively for Masonic widows in need.

When you become a member of the society, you will receive a special white forget-me-not brooch as a token of our appreciation, and a reminder that you have given the most meaningful of gifts. You can learn more and donate securely on our website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of The White Flower Society.

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