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As our Spring 2022 season of Thursday Night at the Rite comes to a close, we look back on some highlights from season three including a new campaign, panel discussions and more.

Another season of Thursday Night at the Rite (TNR) has come to a close. What started as an effort to keep Brothers and Valleys connected during the onset of COVID-19 has quickly transformed into a hallmark program of the Scottish Rite, NMJ. With a continuously evolving series that has helped members continue their Masonic education both at home and on the go, we look forward to bringing new and enhanced offerings in future seasons.

Thursday Night at the Rite Season 3

Season three kicked off on February 17, 2022 with an exclusive premiere of our newest anthemic campaign, Journey On, and ran biweekly to May 12. Every other Thursday, Brothers from across our 15-state jurisdiction gathered online to watch a degree exemplification by fellow Brethren, discuss the degree’s teachings, reflect on our Core Values, and add a new degree to their passport – what could be better?

Scenes of the 11° via Twitter
Scenes from the 11° via Twitter

Scenes from the 11° via Twitter

Join the Rite Night

Each Thursday Night at the Rite in March, April, and May was accompanied by a Join the Rite Night event, a special virtual program where membership candidates could witness the 4°, a requisite for initiation, and join our fraternity. New members then had the option to stay online and witness another degree presented during that evening’s TNR. If you or someone you know missed Join the Rite Nights but is interested in becoming a Scottish Rite, NMJ Brother, it’s not too late to apply!

New This Season: Journey On and Continuing Masonic Education

This season featured a host of new exciting additions. Since the inception of our Path Forward initiative in 2017, the Supreme Council has been steadily working to increase member engagement and advance our use of technology to provide members with a meaningful Scottish Rite experience. This season’s new additions looked to build upon this initiative with an inspiring new campaign and fresh programming to help Scottish Rite Masons learn, bond, and continue their Masonic journey.

Journey On

Season three of TNR kicked off with the premiere of our new, anthemic campaign - Journey On - on February 17. After the success of our Not Just A Man. A Mason campaign, designed for Blue Lodge Freemasonry, the Supreme Council felt it was time to bring forth what is special and unique about the Scottish Rite, NMJ, backed by a strong and inspirational campaign.

Journey On is designed to not only invoke a sense of pride amongst Brethren, reaffirming the power and fulfillment that comes with seeking more light, but also to introduce Blue Lodge Masons to our organization. Men of the Scottish Rite journey on through 29 degrees – degrees that expand Masonic teachings in order to help good men become the best versions of themselves.

“I just got done watching the new campaign, it was amazing. Everyone did a great job…. it even brought a tear to my eye” - Harley Holloway, via Facebook

At its core, Journey On is an organizational approach to helping men deepen their understanding of the Craft and find self-improvement. The campaign launched with our anthemic Journey On video and six additional videos centered on each of our Core Values. The launch night also featured broadcast commentary from the Supreme Council’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Linda Patch, Brother Len Cercone, 32°, and Brother Jim Dill, 33°. Included in the campaign are new videos, print and social media banners, and other downloadable assets which you can explore here.

Around the Jurisdiction

In previous seasons, the Supreme Council presented our cinematic productions of various Scottish Rite degrees. This year, to further involve our Brotherhood and provide an experience closer to what one would find at in-person Reunions, The Supreme Council traveled around the jurisdiction to film degree performances at various Valleys.

We’d like to give a special thanks to the Valleys and Brethren who presented this season:

  • New Hampshire Consistory: 30°, Grand Inspector
  • Valley of Cincinnati (OH): 27°, Knight of Jerusalem
  • Valley of Dayton (OH): 11°, Sublime Master Elected
  • Valley of Providence (RI): 16°, Prince of Jerusalem
  • Valley of Bangor (ME): 25°, Master of Achievement

Here’s what Brothers thought about this season’s degree performances:

"Thank you very much, Valley of Bangor Maine, for an incredible and thought provoking degree." - Brother Doug Brown, 32°
"It was a magnificent presentation. I am so proud to be Scottish Rite Mason." ​​- Brother Horlston Jean Francois, 32°
"Another AMAZING degree presentation!!! Thanks Dayton Brothers!!" - Brother James Mabey, 32°, HGA
"Thanks Scottish Rite, NMJ for doing this program for us Brothers - it makes my Thursday Night! I wish it was every Thursday. " - Brother Jaeson Hacker, 32°
"That was outstanding work! I look forward to seeing these degrees each week." - Brother Michael Van Scott, 32°

Panel Discussions

Also new to season three was the introduction of panel discussions providing time for reflection. We invited Brethren from around the jurisdiction to discuss the meaning of the degree presented that evening and the lessons it bestows.

Brethren from the Valley of Bangor participate in a panel discussion, moderated by Brother J.B. McNaughton, 33°, following the presentation of the 25°: Master of Achievement.
“The panel discussions are a great supplement…. They provide serious time to reflect and consider the Core Values of the degrees and how they relate to our lives... every member should watch these!” -Brother Tom Labagh, 33°

Thank you to all the Valleys and Brothers who participated in this season. We can’t wait to see you online for season four - stay tuned for more details to come!

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